Mark the Beast – Covered in Roses Remixes


The latest music coming from Mark the Beast out of Brooklyn is a real treat for the senses. Check out the remix of Covered in Roses by Mark the Best x Akylla from various artists. Bounce with Wenzday’s dance version and go hard to Nitepunks massive drops while Contrank gives the intro some nice depth and huge deep bass sounds that are his signature sound. The melodic melodies of GLD peak with a sparkly drop that will make you catch some feels. Check out all the versions of Covered in Roses on Soundcloud.

Mark the Beast has continued to make waves and will be playing at the Knitting Factory along with Phiso on July 28th. Get your tickets to that show here.

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Good Looks, Sermon Takeover Elements Lakewood This Saturday


Elements Lakewood is ringing in festival season properly this coming Weekend, with an eclectic mix of electronic acts the likes of Shpongle (Simon Posford Live Set), REZZ, Claude Vonstroke, Jamie Jones, Jai Wolf, the Desert Hearts Crew & more. Set in the grandiose hills of Northeast Pennsylvania, Elements Lakewood will take over a massive summer camp property and play host to eight amazing stages to ensure non-stop music.

33112163_587034964997087_6798056029742432256_nBe sure to frolic over to the “Wub Hub” stage late Saturday night, from 11pm-5am, for Sermon & Good Looks’ ¿AfterDub? stage takeover. The six performers are guaranteed to abduct bass adept ears, hence befitting of a sound stage named the “Wub Hub.” The takeover begins with vocal cord-conductor, Honeycomb, whose insane beatboxing skills have landed him on festival stages with the likes of Tipper, Break Science, Emancipator and more. Fan-fave Doctor Jeep will be bringing the heat with his unique genre-bending sound that incorporates upbeat house and techno with dancehall, uk garage, drum & bass, and more.

Also playing the AfterDub stage are: Queens-native producer, Brightside; experimental bass artist, Ethan Glass; Saltus; and the ambient-meets-future-bass sounds of Zoo Logic. Good Looks and Sermon’s parties never disappoint so this is not one to miss, bass creatures! Be ready to bring on the weird this Saturday as the clock strikes 11pm and Honeycomb’s other-worldly vocal percussions echo through the hills.

Purchase last-minute passes here! View the festival map, full set times, and activity schedule below!

Immersive Music, Art and Dance Event at The Knitting Factory

H<3art Beats is an immersive experience of sound, dance and art. Join us to cultivate joy in a transformative environment and tap into your heart beat.


She lived in a world of gray.

Everyday she hoped for more, but all around her were the drab tones of a world seemingly suspended in time. She looked at others, hoping to find answers, but no matter where she turned, the stares of others only seemed to say one thing: Accept all this, and you will be happier.

One afternoon, she found that she could not bear to look at the world anymore. Bending down to stare at her feet, she was blinded by a flash of light. When her eyesight recovered, she found a mirror, and within it she saw herself anew.

From the flush of her skin to the patterns on her clothing, color appeared to flow out of her, pushing back against the gray. Overwhelmed, her hand began to shake, until the mirror felt out of it, shattering against the pavement. Desperately, she began to collect the pieces, hoping to see herself in that wonderful light once more, when another hand reached down. In front of her was another girl, one filled with color just as her reflection had been. Her lips trembling, she asked the other girl a question.

“How did it happen to you? Did you find a mirror too?”
The girl shook her head. “No. I found you.”
Inspiration is contagious. Passion begets passion.

We all have a Heart Beat. Tap in to yours, transform yourself and the world.

Date: May 19th2018

Location: Knitting Factory

Address:361 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Time 11:30-4:00AM



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iX Releases Psychedelic Debut Album, “About Thyme”


If you’re ready to hear something completely extraordinary, look no further than “About Thyme”, the debut album of Brooklyn based producer, iX (pronounced “icks”). This EP flawlessly creates a musical melting pot using influences from every corner of the world. This 5-track release combines various elements of traditional global cultures with a trip-hop vibe and psychedelic frequencies. The sheer number of unique samples in each track alone takes your ear drums on a majestic ride. For fans of artists such as Beats Antique, The Glitch Mob, and ill.Gates, this EP elevates a combination of styles into a transcendent masterpiece. “About Thyme” is available on Soundcloud now, take a listen below and join the trip.

Space-Bass Producer PEEKABOO Blows Minds with “Imposters” EP

Space-Bass Newbie PEEKABOO Surprises With EP Release

Wakaan hit us hard with some killer releases last month and May is already proving to be no different. Imposters, the debut EP of new guy on the block, PEEKABOO, turned countless heads this weekend. Social media platforms exploded with excitement and support across the board for the Detroit-based producer. Having already received ample backing from some of the biggest names in bass right now including Bassnectar, RL Grime, Caspa, and REZZ – PEEKABOO’s extraterrestrial expression will be a staple in playlists everywhere.

All 4 tracks, appropriately titled “Aliens”, “Arrival”, “Invasion”, and “Imposters”, bring the dirty heat while telling a formidable story of invaders from worlds unknown. With only a year under his belt in the realm of experimental bass music, PEEKABOO’s explosive and rippling basslines catch listeners off guard in the best way. His sound design is heavy enough yet strategic and meticulous, leaving your eardrums in a state of interstellar bliss. This EP is a straight abduction of the senses and a glimpse of what’s to come in the future of bass. No doubt that PEEKABOO will be a star within the Wakaan family as his fan base has already grown exponentially with this impressive release.

Invasion is inevitable, so follow his socials below and keep your eyes and ears peeled for even more releases from PEEKABOO!

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