5 Best Derek Moments On Pretty Lights Live Band “Flips”


Pretty Lights has quite the commanding stage presence. Hate or love it, Derek seems to always have a little something extra to share with his audience during live sets. More often than not what he has to say is pretty damn hilarious (even if it’s unintentional). With that being said, let’s take a minute to appreciate these amazing Derek moments overheard on the newly released Pretty Lights Live Band “flips”.

  1. Out Of Time Monologue Flip 10/08/16 – “I feel like sometimes we don’t even realize we’re vessels of energy. Givin’ and takin’. Goes up a little. Goes down a little. BOUNCIN’ AROUND. If we could control our… sort of trajectory… and bounce off the right places to become energetically favorable with every fucking ricochet WHO KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. You know what I’m saying? Magic becomes reality. Spirituality becomes everyday life. Science becomes fuckin’ history. At least how it is now. EVERYTHING is possible. If you can imagine it, it means it’s fucking possible. That’s how the universe works. It’s not the other way around. NASHHHHVILLE……MUSIC….MUSIC.”DEREKPRETTYLIGHTS
  2. Yellow Bird Flip 09/24/2016“Ya’ll gotta have friends that inspire you. Cause you gotta bring each other UP. EACH OTHER UP. When ya’ll both get up thats called RESONANCE. Energy from nowhere, over unity, RELATIONSHIPS. Chicago. Ya’ll off the hook.”
  3. Out Of Time Monologue Flip 10/08/16“LOOK FOR THE PRETTY LIGHTS! TOUCH A CRYSTAL… Beauty is like a compass.”DEREK
  4. Out Of Time Monologue Flip 10/08/16“We’re just trying to tune in. We’re just trying to tune in. Cause everything is always so hectic… Make the energy like a fabric… Wear it.”
  5. Out Of Time Monologue Flip 10/08/16Chris Karns on the…. ON THE… THE DOPE SHIT. Borahm Lee on the… right here… [Talking to Lee] You’re like the most futuristic human I know. …He knows how to …like…. take people on an idea. On a synthesizer wave. He puts lasers in crystals and tries to feel this shit.”



Pretty Lights photos contributed by Silky Shots from Telluride 08/16.