5 Most Anticipated Art Installations at Electric Forest

edmThere’s more than one reason Electric Forest, the love child of powerhouse production companies Madison House Presents and Insomniac Events, is considered to be the ultimate FOMO inducing event of the summer by even the most seasoned festival-goers. The unbelievably on-point lineups, ethereal magic of Sherwood Forest, and the communal love centered around the festival are just a few things that set Forest apart from other events.

We’re always drawn to festivals by musical acts, but once we’re on the grounds scheduled set times often take a back to the enchanting atmosphere. So, let’s take a moment to delve into the minds of the installation artists that have created breathtaking attractions to be displayed in Sherwood Forest this year.

We’ve done our research and broken it down for you below, take a look at our top five must see installations!

1. Daniel Popper

popSouth African installation and multi-disciplinairy artist Daniel Popper‘s production company Pop Productions has taken a rightfully earned leading role in creative concept design since it’s formation in 2010. The company specializes in 3D lasers and LED mapping on large scale sculptures to electronic music- seamlessly combining physical and digital art to create something truly one of a kind. Popper has tackled projects spanning from a wooden fire-breathing-dragon to a 45 foot Tree of Wisdom built for the Nelson Mandela School of Science and Technology. This is an artist truly capable of flawlessly executing any design feat. 

2. Jive Joint w/ SuperTallPaul

Our second pick is likely the most hilarious experience Forest has to offer. Located deep in the woods and complete with multiple wacky characters, the Jive Joint is known for fostering endless positive shared moments between guests. Aside from making you laugh the hardest you have all year, they also cover self confidence and social building topics during performances. Audience members are encouraged to participate, so join in on the theatrical games, improvised songs and contests!

1. The Electric Dream Machine


The Electric Dream Machine installation is where you’ll want to be when the sun sets and the vibes get thick in the forest. This team of 3D projection mappers are capable of taking any space or structure and visually transforming it into an entirely new place. The effect can be quite mystifying. Their projections are playfully clever and extremely creative. Sherwood Forest is the perfect place for these talented artists to showcase their work. Catch a sneak peak of past installations here.

4. Curious Customs


Curious Customs is comprised of two fiercely dedicated lighting and lantern designers. They got their start building art installations for music festivals at Burning Man nearly a decade ago. Since, they’ve traveled to festivals nationwide, sharing their dreamy, intricate artistry. Some of their previous works include a large scale wooden temple built in the center of the playa and a huge geometrically patterned clock tower. The pair also never turns down the opportunity create one of their famous, fairytale-like stages.

5. tHe gRaNd aRtiQuE Stage


This Los Angeles based production company specializes in creating large scale spaces that send you back in time to the first trading posts of humankind. Their productions stage and recreate historic hubs of human interaction such as the Wild West or Silk Road. But of course, their expertise don’t stop there. tHe gRaNd ArtiQuE is also known for designing and curating some of the most unique stages at music festivals, each sourced with natural materials and objects found locally. This ensures all of their structures perfectly capture a “lived-in” vibe.

These are just some of the many artists that will be bringing their creativity to life in the forest this year. Though they each possess their own unique style, their vision to transform reality and offer novel experiences rings true for each artist… And that’s probably what drew them all to Sherwood Forest to begin with. Get your tickets to weekend 2 of Electric Forest here