About Us

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Good Looks Collective is a fast growing entertainment agency headquartered in the New York metropolitan area. Partnered in the Fall of 2015 with regional marketing powerhouse, Mr. Bugsly Presents, Good Looks morphed from a local event & lifestyle brand into a multi-faceted entertainment collective that remains fundamentally rooted in the ethos of the underground art culture. Offering a wide variety of premium marketing, production and consultation services, GLC has proven to be a groundbreaking, innovative young company.

Through strategic partnerships with media outlets and opinion leaders across the country, GLC presents the unique opportunity to reach target markets nationwide. We house a top-tier event production department, an experienced marketing team, a premium merchandise manufacturer and a unique promotional experience provided to festivals and nationwide events. We offer a rapidly growing mailing list, a devoted online network and a direct, personal network that exponentially expands day by day.


There isn’t a more exceptional or quality-driven team for Good Looks to partner with than Mr. Bugsly Presents. Recognized as one of the most reputable and longest running independent event promotion companies in the Northeast since 2008, Mr. Bugsly has curated thousands of exceptional events that are permanently etched in the memories of its countless attendees. Mr. Bugsly provides an invaluable expertise to Good Looks Collective, maintaining the high quality standard that has defined Bugsly for nearly a decade.

Every project GLC takes on is designed to stand out. All events and organizations we work with are hand selected for their quality and originality. While we embrace traditional advertising and marketing methods, we strive to bring originality and creativity to every project we touch.

Above all else, our passion is quality. We know that Good Looks, looks good.


Trevor Titley [CEO] – trevor@goodlooks.life

Jay Rogovin [Executive Advisor] – jay@mrbugsly.com

Anthony Calagna [CFO] – anthony@goodlooks.life

Julian Rodriguez [Marketing Director / Press Contact] – julian@goodlooks.life

Services Offered

– Event Planning, Promotion and Production

– Event Coverage & Marketing/Promotions

– Merchandise/Apparel Manufacturing

– Professional Photography

– Silkscreen Printing

– Sublimation Printing

Our History

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Good Looks New York was founded by Yaron Bernstein in August, 2011. Starting out as a street fashion company, it grew to incorporate different aspects by which NYC culture could be expressed. Joining the company in 2012 after graduating from The University at Buffalo, Trevor Titley took the helm as CEO of the fledgling GLNY. Childhood friend of Trevor and fellow UB alum, Anthony Calagna, joined the executive team as CFO in 2013. 

In November 2013 we learned our President and Founder Yaron Bernstein had passed away.

557378_1985255995022_1383204777_nIt is with a heavy heart that I share with the GLNY family that Yaron Bernstein has passed away. A bright creative light in our community has gone out. For everyone that was lucky enough to have spent time with Yaron, you know we have lost a great man. For me personally I have lost a business partner, but more importantly a best friend and a brother. Please take a few moments and say a prayer for Yaron and his family.” -Trevor Titley (Dec.13, 2013).

Yaron was the soul of Good Looks New York, a constant reminder of the ideals Good Looks still adheres to today. It was with great difficulty and personal struggle that the decision was made to continue Good Looks without its founder, Yaron. His vision is the driving force behind our operations to this day, and that vision is how we keep Yaron’s memory alive and strong each day.

I love what I do so much, and I’m so grateful to have Good Looks New York as my baby and to watch it grow every week for the last two years. The people I work with are amazing, and they make every experience exciting and new. Thank you to everyone who has helped me follow my dreams, came to my shows and rocked our gear! Especially you Trevor Titley, I couldn’t ask for a better partner or anyone better to share these times with. – Feeling Hopeful.” -Yaron Bernstein

R.I.P. Yaron, your memory will live on through everyone who knew you and the experiences you shared with them, and most importantly through your baby, Good Looks.