Jenny Suh

Zoom Inside Waterchild and Space Cadet’s Latest Collaboration: Premonitions EP [INTERVIEW]


Have you ever experienced ‘brain chill’ from music that led you to a euphoric feelings? A study from Harvard Medical School has explained that the cerebellum, processes rhythm, and the frontal lobes interpret the emotional content of music. Music that’s powerful enough to be ‘spine-tingling’ can light up the brain’s ...

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MALAKAI’s Latest EP ‘Saros’ Triggers The Universal Nerves


Tastefully textured sonic waves which allow your five senses to travel through divergent layers of sound manipulation. That encapsulates the experience of listening to beatsmith MALAKAI, who released his delectable EP ‘Saros’ shortly after the total eclipse that took place last month through The Rust Music. As you listen through each song, harmonization of downtempo, ...

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Foxtail Delivers Storytelling Through EP ‘Kitsune’


Hitting all ranges of anthropoid feelings and all five senses with a dreamy, emotive sonic palate, Foxtail released his sophisticated EP ‘kitsune‘ through label by audiophiles, The Rust Music on July 9th. Mixes of electronic and conventional instrumentation are flawlessly intermeshed together throughout each track to paint the listener’s mind with a full spectrum of ...

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Esoteric insights of up and coming artist Mickman [INTERVIEW]


The Paper Box in Brooklyn will be hosting a NYC bass music family affair this Thursday, April 13. Astounding underground producers Mickman, Deez and Tsimba will be headlining with support from Smigonaut, Pluto Era, MALAKAI & Rasp-5. The event will boast a Funktion-One sound system on board and talented live painters: 5A5, Jenny Suh, Marco Accardi Art, Dana Fang and The Art of Liz Hogan. ...

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Jizzy Fra’s ‘Worldly Winds Mixtape’ Offers A Spectrum Of Sound Waves


Bass music is all about satisfying your eardrums with unusually delightful sound waves. Jared Frazer, also known as Jizzy Fra released an incredibly unique concept piece, titled ‘Worldly Winds Mixtape‘ yesterday on Philly based label, Funkadelphia Records. Funkadelphia has worked with the best of the best up-and-coming bass music producers such as Toadface, ...

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