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Autograf Leaves Us Speechless in NYC

Last Saturday was another cold one in New York, but Chicago based group, Autograf, was bringing some much needed heat to Schimanski Club in Brooklyn. The incredible trio, currently on their Caution:Live tour, are giving fans across the country a generous dose of of their particularly beautiful sound with some surprises along the way. This show was even more special for everyone in attendance, as the group made a game changing announcement (keep reading!).

The night started off with support from fellow Chicago native, COFRESI and Canadian based, Ramzoid. These young up and coming artists mesh perfectly into the vibe of this tour. Their sounds were a complementary combination of percussion, hip-hop, and future bass. Vincent from the the Dutch duo, DROELOE, followed the two opening acts and added his own melodic flair to the line up. His charismatic stage presence waswarm and inviting and he had everyone singing to every one of their incredible tracks. He hit the crowd with “Sunburn” and “Backbone” and gave a taste of their latest single, “Many Words” to top it off.

Autograf Leaves Us Speechless in NYC

Anticipation was thick in the air when it was finally time for Autograf to take the stage. The massive disco ball hanging above the dance floor glittered purple and orange across grinning faces. As soon as the first note vibrated through the speakers, souls melted into the dancefloor. The best part about this tour is that it feels like a fully immersive experience and not just another club night. Every single song was perfection and hit you in all the possible feels. The way that Mikul, Louis, and Jake were able to completely take control of the energy of the room was unbelievable and the flow from track to track was thoughtful and seamless. From dreamy, glistening originals to popular, high-energy edits, it was a complete tour of what makes Autograf who they are. Some original tracks sprinkled into this set included “Simple”, “You Might Be”, “Dream”, and of course “Sleepless in NYC”. Another true fan favorite, “Rockabye”, was a highlight along with an unexpected remix of “Gucci Gang” which further displays their ability to take their imaginative craftsmanship and apply it to genres across the board. As if all those weren’t enough, they also gave a preview of their new original single, “Dead Soon”, which is available now. This track is another lyrical wonder from the group and a reminder to really cherish every moment given in this life. From start to finish, the guys were able to captivate the hearts of each person in the massive crowd that gathered together to witness musical greatness.

Since forming the group in 2013, it’s clear that they have successfully mastered the vision for Autograf and continue to set themselves up to further push the creative boundaries of what EDM is today. As we know, there is no better city to be inspired than New York – which the guys announced is now their new official home! That’s right, Autograf will now be based in NYC and we can’t wait to see where this change of scenery will lead them. In addition to sharing the amazing news, the guys took the show to another level and gifted those who were partying late into the night with a live DJ set to close it down. Even at 4 am, they kept everyone grooving and vibing until it was time to finally say good-bye. It’s safe to say that this tour is nothing short of incredible and will certainly exceed all expectations.

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