BangOn!NYC Expands Annual Elements Festival

05_Photo- Chris Lazzaro - Freedom Film (1)

If you’ve attended Elements festival in the past, you know BangOn!NYC curates one of the most seamlessly put together day festivals in NYC. Each year attendees pour into the venue in Red Hook, Brooklyn anticipating a day filled with psychedelic art installations, mesmerizing performance artists and electronic music spanning every genre.  Each year Elements does not disappoint. But this year, our friends at BangOn! have truly gone above and beyond our expectations by expanding their one day festival in Brooklyn into a weekend camping trip in Northeast Pennsylvania on Memorial Day weekend.


Only phase one of the official Elements Lakewood Camping Festival has been released and we’re already sold. Tipper and Ott. are a match made in heaven for the glitchy bass music lover in your life. Claude VonStroke and Claptone‘s Masquerade Party are sure to satisfy any and all house music cravings and heRobust will be in attendance to provide delicious heavy dub. Those are just our favorites, but check out the rest of this glorious line up below. (We mentioned this is just phase one… right?)



This year Elements will take place on a sprawling green venue complete with hidden forests, a beautiful lake perfect for picturesque sunrise sets and multiple heated pools.  The venue will also feature on-site cabins and “theme camping”. Theme camping will provide you the chance to share something special with your fellow festival goers by designating areas for you and your friends to bring your silliest ideas to life! Themes should be interactive, consistent and original. So far some of our favorite ideas include: human checkers, adult toy making classes, glitter stations and elaborate camper hijinx! Accepted Theme Camps will receive prime placement and electricity if needed for the theme.  Apply here.

09_Photo- Tony Colasurdo

There will be four outdoor stages (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) as well as three indoor late-night stages for those of us who refuse to stop dancing, a rock ‘n roll bar with live music, a super groovy roller disco, old-school hip-hop dance contests, art cars driving to secret dance parties and a boat stage setting sail every hour!

08_Photo- Tony Colasurdo (1)

One thing BangOn!NYC consistently does better than the rest is their large scale sculptures, immersive art installations and the plethora of performance artists they put together each year. Elements camping festival will include an interactive theater, circus performances, art cars, LED installations, 3D video mapping, art galleries, and a huge tribal market!

Just a two and half hour drive out of New York City, we’re sure this is going to be a special event we wouldn’t dare miss. Every summer BangOn!NYC’s Elements fest is an all out party and when it comes to a close it’s had us asking ourselves “So it’s time to crawl back to our tent and do it again tomorrow, right”? This summer it finally will be! Get your tickets and more information here.