Bass Control’s Ultra Set Will Fill You With Endless Energy

Bass Control brought his always fresh and familiar sound to the Ultra stage, delivering smooth tunes to a large and vivacious audience. His set opened with some seriously sultry vibes; the drum beats so catchy and accessible it’d be hard not to sway along. The vibe only got stronger when Bass Control introduced vocal samples with some hilarious undertones- parts of which could be reminiscent of a conversation you might here at a beachfront bar between patron and tender. The highlight of the set for my chune-seeking ears was his tropical remix of Empire of the Sun’s “Walking on a Dream.” The dance provoking mix continued on plentiful, concluding his set with a fierce 90’s centric tune. Bass Control definitely brought his A-game to Ultra, and it’s safe to say we were all hot, sweaty, happy messes after his truly solid set.