Bassnectar Discombobulates Sensory Perceptions at Euphoria Festival

No sound restrictions meant no problems for the iconic DJ/producer, BassnectarEuphoria Festival curated the quintessential setting for an intimate Bassnectar experience that will surely be talked about for years to come. Closing out on the main stage Saturday night, Bassnectar, otherwise known as Lorin Ashton, immersed the crowd in his heavy-hitting yet melodic, ephemeral beats for an hour and a half. Bassnectar never fails to take you on a journey, from howling at the moon and whipping your body and hair around, to lightly spinning around in circles, Lorin commandeers the crowd like no other artist. He opened the night with one of his more melodic tunes, “Colorstorm,” that got the crowd ready for a set that would not disappoint. For those 90 minutes, Bassnectar took the crowd on a full-sensory journey. It was as if everyone forgot their concept of space and time itself, and came together to let go and feel the music. He went from dropping one the heaviest breakdowns I have ever witnessed of “Ping Pong” into mixing The XX overlaid with his remix of Grime’s “Genesis.” Lorin proved that he is ready for 2016, and is ready to ceremoniously take us all over the country once again. 
Photo Credit: aLive Coverage

Not only is Bassnectar the king of mixing amorphous bass music, he also proves that he is the king of getting down. The man can dance and does not miss a chance to keep the energy alive by throwing his long locks and pulsating his body with the beat. I love nothing more than seeing a DJ who is getting down just as hard as the crowd.

lo dawg 2
Photo Credit: aLive Coverage

Lorin also debuted two new songs off his upcoming album release that bassheads are all eagerly awaiting. One song titled “TKO” brought in heavyweight rap lyrics blended with his mastermind beats. Another new downtempo song he played had ethereal emotion behind the lyrics. “We are reaching out to set you free”, which is exactly the message you receive when experiencing his music. Everybody in attendance became one for that short period of time; we collectively felt the bass in our bodies, giggled, screamed, and for some of us cried tears of joy. Lo showed that he has no plans of holding back or slowing down this summer. He is also known for having one of the most devoted fan bases that flock to his performances from miles around. People from all over the country come to see him put on a show, a spectacle. He brings people together from all walks of life to create and enhance this ever-growing community.

Bassnectar’s new album is set to be released sometime this summer, so prepare your mind and body for a sonic trans-dimensional journey. Eager to see him do what he does best? Head over to to peep the latest announcements. Up next, he’ll be playing Mysteryland, Electric Forest, North Coast Music Festival, Summer Set, as well as multiple hand-selected festivals that emphasize intimate, communal gatherings. At the moment, we can only wait until we all meet again and experience the magic that the man, Bassnectar, flawlessly curates for us.

Featured Image Credit: aLive Coverage