Bassnectar to Host “Basslanta” Spinoff in Atlantic City, NJ


New Jersey has quite the reputation. But as a New Jersey native, allow me to reiterate that the reality TV drama “Jersey Shore” and the enduring debate as to whether a choice cut of meat should be called “porkroll” or “Taylor ham, is not an accurate representation of New Jersey life.

Among the various ideas with which the state of New Jersey is associated, a “one room secret location” with “no seats [and] sweat dripping from the ceiling” is perhaps not expected, but is a new association earned by New Jersey in an announcement made mere hours ago by Lorin Ashton, more commonly known by DJ/Producer stage name, Bassnectar.

lorinmemeSeptember 8th and 9th of 2016 witnessed the inaugural “Basslanta,” an underground event hosted in Atlanta, Georgia. Headlined by none other than the “Speakerbox” producer, Basslanta attracted “bassheads”—a subculture of the electronic dance music genre—from states both near to, and far from Georgia. The massive success of “Basslanta” propelled Bassnectar to seek a comparably clandestine location in the North East to serve as another bass hub, namely one in which an event similar to “Basslanta” would be coordinated. Bassnectar teased the location of the Basslanta sequel on Twitter; “can you guess the secret location?” Ashton wrote.

Of the basshead populace, few might have guessed New Jersey’s own Atlantic City to be the spot referenced by Ashton in his teaser tweet, yet indeed, Atlantic City has been revealed to be the destination for this “special event,” the first of its kind in the area since Bassnectar’s Madison Square Garden show back in October of 2014.

“We are going back to our roots: the underground parties of the ‘90s,” declares the event page. While Bassnectar has publically announced Atlantic City to be the scene of the Basslanta spinoff, the DJ has yet to identify the specific part of Atlantic City in which the event will take place. Yet in “AC’s” characteristic style, stakes will be high, the chances of securing tickets to what will undoubtedly be a sell out event a gamble. Presale tickets to the April 28th and 29th event will become available on Wednesday, February 15th at 12 PM EST, while tickets on sale to the general public will be available for purchase on Thursday, February 16th at 12 PM EST. The event additionally offers travel and VIP packages.

Taking one’s chances in Atlantic City is always worth the bet, after all.


Featured photo by Silky Shots.