Bleep Bloop at Paper Box


Bleep Bloop will be gracing New York City on October 6th at The Paper Box in Brooklyn. Bleep Bloop has been a favorite producer of mine since 2013. He is a humble person with incredible skill and surrounds himself with a cohort of excellence in the West Coast Bass music scene.

On a personal note, Bleep Bloop has been a good friend and even got me into Dragon Ball Z when he was in New York playing at Webster Hall on Valentine’s Day and it was so cold we had to run to the venue from BAOHAUS at record speed. Recently, I was lucky enough to see Bleep Bloop at Oregon Eclipse. It was by far my favorite set of the entire festival!  I am so excited that he will be playing NYC along with Sayer with his sexy half-time bass from California and Nasty Nasty also from California who brings amazing forward-thinking produced bass beats. Both Bleep Bloop and Nasty Nasty are part of the West Coast STYLSS family.

Good Looks collective is behind the awesome explosion of Bass music in New York and we are so lucky to have them “looking out” for us, which they continue to do show after amazing show.

This bass heavy event is going to bring the house right down and I hope you are there to catch it! Expect deep bass beats and wompy tracks that hit deep and low in your chest. The vibes coming off of a summer of festival fun will be noted. You can sit back and relax and let the music take you to an otherworldly sonic atmosphere or dance your heart out to the weird bass beats surrounded by a tapestry of friends.

This is your chance to say goodbye to the summer with Good Looks Collective. Get your pre-sale $20 tickets right here! DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS ONE. Please follow the peeps at Good Looks Collective on their Facebook page here