Brooklyn Comes Alive: Q&A With Performing Artist Dave Harrington

With only five days to go until Brooklyn Comes Alive, we were able to catch up with performing artist Dave Harrington (you may recognize him from the electronic duo, Darkside) about his Brooklyn roots.  Brooklyn comes alive is going to be full of surprises and a massive list of talent.  Tickets are dwindling; grab ’em here and use code GLNYfam for $20 off 2-day tickets!!


Dave Harrington

Q: As a Brooklynite, what does it mean to you to be performing at this year’s Brooklyn Comes Alive festival?

My favorite part about being a musician in New York is that events like this happen.  It’s really incredible that such an eclectic 2 nights of programming can happen almost walking distance from my apartment.  It’s one of the great privileges of playing music and living in this city.

Q:  How did Brooklyn influence your start in music, specifically as you were a member of various BK based indie-rock bands?

When I got involved in the DIY scene and started playing in Brooklyn bands the most exciting thing for me was how open-eared and open-minded that scene felt to me. There was a real sense of inclusivity and potential.  Strange experimental rock sharing a night with gentle songs or electronic music, it’s still the best part of the scene as far as I’m concerned. And some of the people I played with then, and the friends I’ve made who run venues and are promoters are still some of my closest collaborators to this day.

Q: Have any artists on this year’s lineup played an influence on your music and your improvisational approach?

YES! In fact, I’m lucky to be playing with one of them — Skerik.  I’ve always loved his playing and his energy and the open and wild diversity of the projects he’s been a part of over the years. His ability to slip into all these different contexts while always remaining true to his own musical identity, and always sounding like no one else, is a real inspiration.

Dave Harrington has also been announced as part of BCA’s “After Midnight” series on Saturday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg (lineup below). General and VIP passes to BCA allow you free entry to the show; however you can purchase separate tickets to the event here.


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