Brooklyn Comes Alive: Q&A With Performing Artist KJ Sawka

We can’t wait to get the funk down this weekend at the 2017 Brooklyn Comes Alive Festival! We were lucky enough to pick performing artist KJ Sawka‘s brain on his unique style and excitement as he looks forward to the weekend.  This year’s festival is definitely not to be missed; check out the insane lineup of solo artists and never before seen collaborations here. Tickets are dwindling; grab ’em here and use code GLNYfam for $20 off 2-day tickets!!

KJ approved photo

Q: You are one of many multi-instrumentalists performing at this year’s Brooklyn Comes Alive. However, you may be the only artist known for your use of acoustic drums as opposed to a drum machine. Why is the use of acoustics important to you and your music?

I grew up playing the acoustic drums, they are “an extension of my limbs,” as Travis Barker would say. I feel the acoustic drums add impact like no other instrument. When I see a drummer playing just an electronic kit or no drummer on stage at all, it makes me sad. So, every show I try to bring the acoustics out in hopes of giving the crowd a more impactful and visual show like nothing they have ever seen.

Q: We’ve heard you’re a big fan of The Crystal Method. How has the duo influenced your growth as a musician? Is there potential for a collaboration between you two at any point during the festival?

Yes, a big fan of the Crystal Method. I heard them when I was 18 years old and they blew my mind. I still listen to their vinyl ‘Vegas’, many times a year. They were a huge inspiration on my musical journey through electronic music styles. I tried to re-create the beat sounds and patterns on my kit for years. They are still an influence today. I’m always down to collaborate, especially with legends in the game!

Q: New York is the birthplace of many artists performing this weekend. What is your favorite part about performing for this city?

The City is always booming and filled with life. Every time I have the pleasure of opening my hotel window, I hear music coming from the streets. There’s so much history with Hip-hop and electronic music. It’s a magical place for sure. My favorite thing was Club Love back in the day. It was home to some insane Drum n Bass nights. I played my first NYC gig there.

KJ Sawka has also been announced as part of BCA’s “After Midnight” series on Saturday night at Schimanski (lineup below). General and VIP passes to BCA allow you free entry to the show; however you can purchase separate tickets to Schimanski only here


We can’t wait to see what Brooklyn has in store for us on September 23rd and 24th.  Don’t miss out on your chance to win 2 GA tickets to the weekend here!