Brooklyn Comes Alive: Q&A with Performing Artist Russ Liquid

In our next installment of the Brooklyn Comes Alive series, we caught up with Russ Liquid of The Russ Liquid Test on his New Orleans style and what we can expect to see from him throughout the weekend.  Russ Liquid will be performing at Brooklyn Comes Alive on September 23rd & 24th.  The weekend will be full of funk and never before seen collaborations – you definitely don’t want to miss this! Get your tickets here.

Russ Liquid Test

Russ Liquid:

Q: Many of your fans know you as a solo artist before getting to know you as the face of the Russ Liquid Test. What’s been the most notable change in your experience as a performer since bringing Scott, Block and Trusclair on board?

I come from a background of playing music with other people, so basically I feel more at home musically having a band. Andrew is one of the tastiest guitar players I know, always coming up with the perfect part. Deven is a beast on the drums. Having the band is really helping my musical vision come to life.

Q: Obviously BCA is influenced heavily by New Orleans and Jazz Fest. As a New Orleans-based musician, what elements of New Orleans do you hope to bring to Brooklyn throughout the weekend?

Well, first and foremost we will bring the funk. We hope to bring the vibe of NOLA to NYC and I think BCA captures the feels of Jazz Fest by bringing in a variety of players that are eager to jump from stage to stage. Should be a lot of fun.

Q: As a large name within the All Good Records crew, should we expect to see you accompany Sunsquabi at any point during the festival? 
We just played together at North Coast Music Festival in Chicago last weekend so if the stars align we might have something up our sleeves.

Q: There is a large All Good Records presence at this year’s BCA. Is there any potential for an entire AGR showcase?

Keep an eye out for our future installments featuring BCA performers Dave Harrington and KJ Sawka.  Make sure to also join the Brooklyn Comes Alive event page here.