Brooklyn Comes Alive: Q&A with Performing Artist SunSquabi


For our second installment of our Brooklyn Comes Alive series, we interviewed Kevin Donohue of SunSquabi for all the details on their upcoming performances and collaborations with fellow All Good Records. SunSquabi will be performing at Brooklyn Comes Alive in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Don’t miss out on this glorious weekend event. Get your tickets here.


SunSquabi answers from Kevin Donohue:

Q: SunSquabi is defined as a “hydro-funk” experience. Can you give us your take on what this term means?

The beauty in the word choice is that it can mean whatever you want it to mean. SunSquabi is an entirely unique word in itself. However, I usually like to describe “hydro-funk” as something we used to describe ourselves in the beginning. Funk-based influences with a fluid or liquid feel.

Q: SunSquabi is one of the first names that comes to mind when funk fans talk about the All Good Records crew. When did you guys first meet GRiZ and how has your creative process changed since becoming part of the AGR family?

We met GRiZ for the first time in 2012 – one of our very first big shows we got to play in Denver was a support slot at his Ogden Theatre show. 2 years go by, and we meet our friend Manic Focus through a few mutual friends and Chicago connections. He and I are watching GRiZ at Snowball in 2014, and we decide that we all needed to collaborate. So we hit the studio that night until about 4 am and wrote “Get Down” which would end up on GRiZ’s album ‘Say it Loud’ as a three-way collaboration. So this was sort of the beginning of All Good Records, and it remains the same concept. Just an awesome collection of friends and collaborators, a massive pool of talent and dedication that is hard to find in this life. So we all keep each other going and help out with projects. It’s a family if anything.

Q: Can we expect to see Russ Liquid on stage with you at any point throughout the weekend as we hope to hear some of the standout tracks from ‘Odyssey’?
I would hate to ruin any surprises! But Russ Liquid did just perform with us at North Coast in Chicago, and we love having him up whenever the opportunity arises, so keep an eye out for that for sure. We will be performing a set that probably spans 4 different releases as well as some improv but ‘Odyssey’ selections will definitely be peppered in there.

Q: As this year’s lineup differs from festivals fans have seen you play before (e.g., Electric Forest, Summer Camp, Camp Bisco), who are you most excited to see perform throughout the weekend that you haven’t seen live together before?

I think one of the best parts of Brooklyn Comes Alive is going to be the collaboration. So many artists and friends in one place – there’s going to be some serious jamming going down. DJ Premier band sounds exciting, the George Porter/Skerik/Mike Dillon combo will be incredible. I’ve never seen KJ Sawka do a solo set, but I was a huge fan of Pendulum for years when they had the live band – he is incredible (and his name’s Kevin). The Motet’s tribute to Jamiroquai should be amazing as well. We can’t wait honestly!

We have more interviews coming out next week including Russ Liquid and Dave Harrington. Keep an eye out for them and join the Brooklyn Comes Alive event page on Facebook here. 

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