Camp Bisco’s Renegade Stage Was on Another Level


This year’s installation of Camp Bisco presented something vastly different than years prior. Instead of slowing the energy down after typical 1 or 2am curfew hours, Bisco decided to turn up a notch with its first official Renegade Stage in the RV lot. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night was hosted by Brooklyn-based promoters Sermon, Mr. Bugsly, and Good Looks, respectively. The Renegade Stage kept the music blasting till the wee hours of the morning while its neighbor, Camp Disco Tacos, provided free scrumptious food for all.

Thursday: Sermon Takeover


The frenzy towards the RV lot began almost immediately after the headliners finished up each night. After GRiZ on night one, Sermon brought acclaimed artists from the Brooklyn bass community, including Esseks, Of The Trees, Ethan Glass, IXand a surprise prime-time Space Jesus B2B Digital Ethos set.

The crowd and shenanigans that took place were truly next level. The audience was packed with attendees flailing totems, whipping around mesmerizing LED smarthoops and dancing as if they just won the lottery.

Friday: Mr. Bugsly Takeover

5S6A6207Night Two was swarmed following Bisco’s headlining sets from Bassnectar and ShpongleMr. Bugsly chose to present a style left-field of recognizable bass music. Up-and-coming producers Kill Them With Colour,  Birocratic, ye., and octbr showcased a tropical house / feel-good style, which provided a soothing and interesting change in atmosphere, especially after the mental discombobulation that occurs from a Bassnectar / Shpongle set. Bugsly saved the heaviest energy for its most hardcore attendees, those that stuck around past 4am. The west-coast bass wizard Pleasure hopped on the decks, turning up the energy ten-fold and making the freaks freaky once more. Pleasure’s set consisted on nearly ALL original productions, which is a rarity and incredible display of talent in our day and age; pay attention to this guy.

Saturday: Good Looks Takeover

rvshowGood Looks Collective closed out the Stage properly. When Honeycomb took the mic, spunions and humanoids were instantly entranced by mind-blowing beatboxing skills. This dude seriously beatboxes heavier tunes than most producers could ever accomplish. Jaenga (also the owner of the Renegade Stage bus) presented an incredible live set on guitar, featuring silver body-painted dancers and CO2 guns. Jenaux and Geotheory showcased their original productions and truly lifted the collective vibe. One of the most anticipated sets from the weekend was EPROM. It’s safe to say that after his set, everyone was riveted by his sound. It was easily one of the most insane performances to take place on the lot with a crowd stretching back farther than anyone anticipated. The music kept popping till it was shut down at 5am, but that didn’t stop people from dancing to tunes still blaring in their heads.


Any Camp Bisco veteren knows that the crowd isn’t nearly through with the night until the sun’s back up. It’s safe to say Bisco’s first official Renegade Stage epitomized that over-the-top energy Bisco is recognized for. There’s no doubt that the Renegade Stage will be here to stay, one-upping its production value and sound year after year. Already counting the nights till we’re back on the Montage Mountain lot to unleash our inner freak.

Featured Image by Rivkin Photos.