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MALAKAI’s Latest EP ‘Saros’ Triggers The Universal Nerves


Tastefully textured sonic waves which allow your five senses to travel through divergent layers of sound manipulation. That encapsulates the experience of listening to beatsmith MALAKAI, who released his delectable EP ‘Saros’ shortly after the total eclipse that took place last month through The Rust Music. As you listen through each song, harmonization of downtempo, ...

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Showtek Storms Irving Plaza This Friday


This week is full of amazing music in New York City including Showtek this Friday at Irving Plaza. The duo consists of Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen who are brothers from the Netherlands. They have been a staple in the electronic dance scene for a decade and remain relatively genre-less though ...

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The Sun and Moon Intertwine at Oregon Eclipse


What better place to be when the moon covered the sun at the moment of totality than surrounded by love and friends at the Oregon Eclipse? Originally slated for 20k attendees at Big Summit Prairie, the final figures including volunteers totaled over 60k. For reference, that is bigger than Burning Man ...

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Bleep Bloop at Paper Box


Bleep Bloop will be gracing New York City on October 6th at The Paper Box in Brooklyn. Bleep Bloop has been a favorite producer of mine since 2013. He is a humble person with incredible skill and surrounds himself with a cohort of excellence in the West Coast Bass music scene. On ...

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