We Want You! To Help Fund The Funk

We’ve been avid listeners of Maryland’s high-energy psychedelic funk band Pigeons Playing Ping Pong  for quite a while now. And for very good reason! There just isn’t any other jam band on the scene who puts on a show with as much personality as they’ve got. Their infectious melodies combined with a downright ...

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5 Must-Hit Summer Festivals

Our favorite holiday season, festival season, is approaching very quickly. Can you feel it? Excitement is bubbling in the pit of live music lovers stomachs all across the country as stacked line ups drop each week and plans are set in motion between respective festie families about where they’ll end ...

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OTO: The Glowing Orb That Allows Users to Control Sound

OTO is a small, interactive cube that allows users to control sound using the geometric orb itself. You no longer need to have extensive knowledge into production programs such as Ableton or Traktor to create your own electronically produced music. OTO explains on their kickstarter, “OTO comes from the Japanese oto-no-katachi, ...

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