Digital Ethos Is Prepared to Take the Scene by Storm

Digital Ethos is the quintessential soundtrack to swimming in the mud, at least that’s what his music will make you imagine. His music has a tone of viscosity in it, sounding thick, dark, and heavy. Charlie Quigley, who has donned the Digital Ethos moniker, is quickly making his way into the scene by creating a signature heavy sound. The 23 year old is producing his own beats and perfecting his craft at school in Southern Jersey. He has a few upcoming shows this April in Philly, which you can investigate on his Facebook page. Just looking at the amount of tunes this dude has put out of the past few months is insane; Quigley’s putting in the work. Be on the lookout for his upcoming track “Oujia,” releasing April 5th.

Digital Ethos’ latest song release is nothing less than filthy. Titled “The Jungle,” it makes me feel like I’m some sort of brutal animal out on the prowl. The build up is quick and the drop is ferocious. This track makes me want to simultaneously drop it low and head bang. It’s weird bass music meeting that lurid dance music. “The Jungle” perfectly captures the unique sound Ethos is creating. If you want to hear a track that will make you hit that replay button four times (maybe even five times), I would check out this little number. With a name like Digital Ethos, you know he is leading us down the path to more and more otherworldly beats. As the man would say himself, “Stay on the path. Listen.”