Dirt Monkey Releases Final Song of 2018, “My Schtyle”

“My Schtyle”

Dirt Monkey released, “My Schtyle” on Dec. 28 via Disciple Round Table. As his final single release before the New Year, “My Schtyle” is filled with those classic Dirt Monkey wobbles fans love.

Among the many other releases the producer has had this year including his album, “Rise of the Octopeel” and a collab with Subdocta on his EP, “West Coast Wobble,” Dirt Monkey has had an incredible year. Dirt Monkey has been performing all year at shows and festivals across the country and 2019 will be no different.

Listen to the track below:


Good Looks Collective will be hosting Dirt Monkey at Analog on Feb. 15 and tickets are available here.