Don’t Just Listen to Music, Feel It With the Basslet


It’s the best feeling in the world to go to a show and to feel nothing but the music, the effects and the atmosphere all around you. Sometimes though, the music is perfectly loud but one necessary element is either missing or not loud enough – the bass. We all love bass, it’s the vital part of dance music. It kicks in your headphones and in a venue to the point where it is the reason you have so much energy to groove, run, lift or work. One problem that I’ve encountered with bass is sometimes one’s headphones do not have the capacity to deliver bass at the level that is needed to fully hear and appreciate the song. Another is if you’re at a club, you can hear the bass no problem on the speakers but it’s either too loud to distinguish other frequencies (common at rap, trap and dubstep shows), or you can’t feel it properly rattle in your chest because it’s either too packed or the acoustics are not up to par. Well that problem won’t be an issue for much longer as there is now a technology that will forever change the landscape of music.


Introducing the basslet. It’s a bracelet about the size of a watch that is made to detect the music you are listening to and vibrates against your wrist to the beat, thus making up for the loss of bass you’d miss in your headphones or external speakers. It has an engine meant to pick up on the vibrations and frequencies of what you’re listening to and it plays along with the beat. You’re probably wondering, “how does the basslet detect what music you’re playing? There’s no way you can strap something to your wrist and it magically syncs with the beat.” It has a microphone on the outside so it can pick up speakers. For headphones, the basslet comes with a sender, a little block with a small auxiliary cord attached to it, and an audio port. So you plug your headphones into the sender and plug the sender into your phone, ipod, computer, or whatever device you’re using and bam! You can now literally feel the bass in your motherfucking face. Or in this case wrist. 

There has never been anything like this done before. Whenever bass is played, it’s intended to be felt in your chest and ears. By feeling it on your wrist, not only do you experience optimum bass response, but you could even prevent hearing damage. Another cool feature is that the bass can literally sync with your heartbeat or at least give you an extra boost when working out and exerting energy. As a bass music lover, I’m definitely gonna get one of these and use it to maximize my bass experience. When I listen to drum n’ bass from now on, things will never be the same.

The company behind the Basslet, Lofelt, has already surpassed their goal on Kickstarter but you can still contribute to their cause and even pre-order one by clicking here!