Longtime Brooklyn producer and artist, Esseks, has been hard at work in the studio putting together his latest and greatest. His 7-track EP, “A Hole in The Fourth Wall”, was released this past Friday, April 6, under Liquid Strangers’ WAKAAN label and is a must-listen if you’re a fan of things unexpected and extraordinary.

Sam Eckstein is no stranger to the creative process. He has been writing music since his teenage years and is also the guitarist for his band, Technicolor Lenses (check out their Soundcloud!). To top it off, he is way talented in the art department with a Fine Arts degree in Illustration and showcases his eccentric and creepy prints as his own album art. Sam’s experimental sound is heavily influenced by the likes of Yheti, J.Dilla, and Psymbionic and you’ve definitely heard at least one of his many collaborations with bass-fan favorite and personal friend, Space Jesus.

“A Hole in The Fourth Wall” takes you on self-guided expedition through the twisted fun-house that is the visionary mind of Esseks. Each track has its own unique personality, but the comprehensive EP has funky glitch-hop and impossibly deep basslines ingrained into its soul. The first track, “Heavy Meta” is merciless with a low and slow, rolling kick drum that’s impossible not to vibe to. Eckstein demonstrates a consistent level of intricacy that begs to be heard and contemplated. Philadelphia duo, Wax Future, make a welcome appearance on the track “Tunnels” and Keith Wadsworth absolutely slays a guitar solo giving the song a blues rock touch. Fluidity from start to finish makes it simple to get lost within the experimental realm Esseks is painting for his fans. This is an EP you are going to want to come back to over and over again.

Check out all of Esseks music here and his artwork here! Big things are in store for this production wizard, so be sure to follow his socials and stay up to date on where he’ll be melting minds this summer.