AEON by Paul Van Dyk this Saturday at PlayStation Theater: Experience the Power of Music

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Not many DJ’s have been as consistent in the scene as Paul Van Dyk. I found Paul back in the 90’s when trance music was in its infancy. He has a unique sound that has translated across time spanning almost thirty years now. New York is so lucky to be hosting AEON by Paul Van Dyk at the PlayStation theater this weekend, September 23rd.

Take a light and airy journey through immersive sounds and sensations with Paul Van Dyk. His sound is uplifting and when you listen to his discography you feel yourself being polished like a diamond by soothing ambient sounds mixing with the deep consistent trance beats.

If you love EDM, give the proper salute to one of the founding fathers Paul Van Dyk with support by Leroy Moreno. AEON is his new live performance where he will be joined on stage by two keyboardists. This show is paired with music from his album “From Then On” and celebrates his life after his near-death experience in 2016. Paul’s goal with this show is to recognize the healing powers of music and the ability that music has to “take people away from their problems and relieve anxiety and stress.” AEON aims to intensify that and enhance those healing vibes all night long.

AEON By Paul Van Dyk is premiering in New York City. Be the first to see this personal and inspiring work by trance pioneer Paul Van Dyk. Get your tickets here!

Doors at 9pm, 18+