Foxtail Delivers Storytelling Through EP ‘Kitsune’


Hitting all ranges of anthropoid feelings and all five senses with a dreamy, emotive sonic palate, Foxtail released his sophisticated EP ‘kitsune‘ through label by audiophiles, The Rust Music on July 9th. Mixes of electronic and conventional instrumentation are flawlessly intermeshed together throughout each track to paint the listener’s mind with a full spectrum of colors. 

Felix Kallin, also known as his alias Foxtail comes from a foundation of knowledge in various instruments such as saxophone, bass clarinet, violin and piano. Thus, classical music left a remarkable stroke on Kallin’s musical influences and creative endeavors in his practice. To illustrate his manipulation of classical composition, you can look at his third track ‘Dussek’s Sonata’ which beings with a  sampled excerpt from a Sonata composed by Sophia Dussek. The track is then fueled and twisted 180 degrees to completely transform the classical piece into a original, glitchy, IDM and ambient soundscape. This is one of the various unique approaches to manipulating sound that Foxtail envisions. You can look at some of his inspirations including classical music, video soundtracks, Japanese culture, and euphoric mountainous landscapes in Utah to get an idea of what brews Foxtail’s creative juice. 

Overall, Kitsune is filled with innovative sonic waves to take you on sublime journey. If you’d like to indulge in the cutting edge of  the electronic music scene, do yourself a favor and keep your eyes and ears peeled for Foxtail and The Rust.

Download EP ‘Kitsune’ in High quality audio on BandcampAddictech