Ganja White Night After Party: Ebo @ Deer Studios NYC (2/17)


Last Friday night was a special one for the NYC bass community as Ganja White Night brought their highly anticipated tour, The Origins, to Playstation Theater. Times Square started buzzing early in the evening with riddim kids and bass heads ready to go grab their spots on the rail. Meanwhile, a few blocks away magic was unfolding in the hands of the man behind the beloved, Mr. Wobbles. Acclaimed Belgian street artist, Ebo, was hard at work bringing his vibrant and whimsical style to a blank canvas in the heart of the city.

Collaborating with musicians is nothing new to the talented artist and graphic designer. In the past, he has worked with artists from different genres to create strikingly beautiful album covers, including Ganja’s first album cover back in 2008. Fast forward 8 years and Ebo brought the idea of Mr. Wobbles to life in the full length, animated music video for Wobble Master. Now, Benjamin and Charlie consider Ebo the third member of Ganja White Night as his art has had an irreplaceable part in their journey. To honor his contributions to the tour and showcase his talent, GWN’s team approached Good Looks in hopes of putting together something special.

In true New York fashion, GLC co-founder & CEO, Trevor Titley, got the ball rolling and quickly found a space for this last minute idea to come alive. Deer Studios NYC was the perfect location, offering up a massive 18×18 corner cyclorama that could easily contain the larger-than-life paintings we’re accustomed to seeing from Ebo. As soon as the decision was made, it was time to get to work. In less than 12 hours, invited guests would be arriving after the show to get up close and personal with the artist and his masterpiece.

Throughout the set, Ganja’s signature dubstep sound was perfectly complemented by Ebo’s hypnotic, crisp visual designs. Seeing the collaboration in person was nothing short of incredible. But the lucky handful of people (myself included) heading from the venue to the studio had no idea what was to come; only that we were about to be part of a very rare moment. Walking down the small studio hallway, an excited murmur of voices replaced the heavy hitting bass that had just filled our ears. Immediately upon entering the room, the vivid colors that dominated an entire wall, floor to ceiling, left everyone in awe. The light shone directly upon her glowing face and her soulful eyes drew you. An intricately designed headdress blooming with pink, orange and blue feathers, reminiscent of traditional Aztec culture, formed a halo around her head. The cloak draped over her shoulders settled on top of the curvature of the platform perfectly and with gracefulness. She emanated intensity, kindness, and acceptance and invited you to join her – wherever she may have been going.

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This devine celestial warrior was the unreal end product of only a day’s work, created knowing that it would be wiped clean the next day. It was impossible not to relish in her magnitude, the intricacy and beauty definitely hitting you in every single feel. After the initial astonishment and snapping plenty of photos to remember the night by, the chatter grew louder and the liquor started flowing. Ebo quietly drifted around the room, shaking hands and chatting with admirers. He is humble about his work and accepts every compliment with a genuine smile. The show openers, Subtronics and Dirt Monkey, casually jump on and off the decks while Laetus spins some up-tempo but chill late night beats setting the mood perfectly. The party continued into the late hours of the morning and it felt as if a once in a lifetime bond had been formed at this intimate occasion.

This particularly thoughtful and creative collaboration is hopefully something we will be seeing more of from Good Looks in the future. It was an honor to have had the opportunity to experience the powerful impact art and music have when joining forces. The collaboration between Ganja White Night and Ebo is far from over and we can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter of their story.