Get Ready To Escape To Lightning In A Bottle

If you’re looking to experience more than just your average festival this season I suggest you check out Lighting in a Bottle. Located in the beautiful rolling hills of Bradley, California, this festival packs in way more than your normal, run-of-the-mill gathering. From May 25th to 30th, thousands will meet to create a once in a lifetime experience. Chet Faker, Mr. Carmack, G. jones B2B Minnesota, Eprom, and Grimes do not even begin to skim the surface of talent LIB has lined up for this magical weekend. Beyond this massive lineup, the celebrations continue with life changing workshops that plan to change how you interact with the community.

One of the unique ideas behind this festival is that it is more than just a musical experience. They want to leave an ever present mark on your life. They want to inspire you, and show you how you can be a part of making both this niche and world community a green, nourishing, empowering, and most of all exciting place to dwell. They offer workshops and classes about educating the youth and how to be a healthier human. Another highlight of this gathering is their focus on energy conservation and efficiency. They utilize more renewable energy sources such as solar panels to help light up the LED stages, enhancing the element of intricate artwork. Not only the energy, but also the energy the crowd creates is makes this place look unlike any other festival around. All throughout the village and the festival grounds there will be live artwork by talented artists from all over the world alongside intricate pieces and sculptures for all to see. Each turn leads you to another world, each piece of art speaking to the creative child in us all. Immerse yourself in the other world and community that LIB intends to create over these surreal four days. Dance amidst the transcendental hills of California beneath the electric sky Lighting in a Bottle creates for its attendees. Tickets are already on sale and selling out fast, so be sure to grab your passes here before they run out! You don’t want to miss out on the most epic west coast throw down of the summer.

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