GLC Announces Warehouse of Horrors Earth Stage Takeover

BangOn! NYC has announced Warehouse of Horrors to take place Oct. 26-27 in Brooklyn, NY and it features an absolutely stellar lineup. The event producers have truly outdone themselves this year with their Elements events and Warehouse of Horrors will be a reflection of that.

The lineup includes artists such as Space JesusYheti and Goldfish. Attendees are in for a treat this Halloween weekend. Following along with the elements theme, Warehouse of Horrors features Earth, Fire, Water and Air stages.

Good Looks Collective has just announced their Earth Stage takeover featuring artists such as Gramatik and G Jones. Good Looks is also known for the Renegade Stage Takeover at Camp Bisco that in previous years featured artists such as EpromSpace Jesus and Esseks. BangOn! has curated a spooky experience for event goers and Good Looks is excited to be a part of it.