GLNY Event Preview: Random Rab @ Slake NYC (4/22)

Disclaimer: I know nothing about this artist. Correction: I knew nothing about this artist. Now I consider myself a generally well-rounded source of knowledge. I like to think I’m relatively “in-the-know” (how cool do I sound, right?), but discovering Random Rab’s music a couple weeks ago was news for me. So, I did what I normally do when I encounter an artist I don’t know much about – I plug in my headphones and head over to Soundcloud to see what I can find. By the looks of it, the homie has recently dropped a new, 11-track piece of work called “Awoke.” After a few minutes in, my head starts bobbing, my mind stops racing and I am hooked.

Yo, I don’t know where I’ve been but apparently I’m late to the game. Random Rab’s music is f@$#ing beautiful. It’s mysterious and melodic. It calms you down and calls you up at the same time. In a music world that is so driven by massive bass and heavy drops, Random Rab is the perfect definition of “stop and smell the roses.” Underneath the calm core however, there is something that drives this feeling of chasing a sunset.

The fact that Random Rab’s music generates feelings and thoughts of sunrises is no accident. Random Rab is a respected and renowned veteran of curating the quintessential festival sunrise set. This is not an easy feat, for a festival attendee or performer. Sunrise sets happen when most people are ready to call it a night. Let’s face it, 5am is rarely a pretty scene at any festival. After multiple nights of music, camping, and other extra-curricular activities that usually happen at festivals, making it to a sunrise set (an artfully rejuvenating one at that) is a rarity, unless its Random Rab. Fully aware of the physical, mental, and spiritual condition most guests are in, Random Rab understands that, embraces it, takes care of you, and brings you into a new day with clear head and a full soul.

Sunrise Set at Envision Festival 2016
Sunrise Set at Envision Festival 2016

So how can all of this magic translate to a NYC venue with a rowdy NYC crowd? We’re about to find out. Random Rab is visiting the city for a show at Slake Nightclub on April 22nd (and at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors the following day). This should be interesting, since Slake tends to host more high energy, upbeat, banger-esque type shows. Not to say that Random Rab isn’t high energy or upbeat (he definitely got my heart soaring), but in a different, more serene way. The evening of the 22nd will be an invigorating one with spring and new life in the air. A gentle yet profound musical experience that NYC may not be getting enough of yet surely needs. Do yourself a favor and attend. Grab tickets for the show here and RSVP on the official event page. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

Event Details
Who: Random Rab, CloZee
When: Friday, April 22nd @ 10PM
Where: Slake Nightclub (251 W. 30th St, NY, NY 10001)
*Ages 21+