GLNY Event Review: Govinda @ Slake (3/12)

Calling all gypsies, snake charmers, belly dancers, warriors and nymphs of all kind! Have you experienced the musical journey pioneered by Govinda? Austin, Texas’ own Shane Madden and his select performers dished out unique melodies alongside support from Jade Cicada and Kaminanda to NYC for Good Looks Collectives’ “Abduction” this past Friday, March 12th at Slake.
Jade Cicada started the night off right by warming up the crowd with his mind-boggling mixture of trip hop and dub. His eclectic “wubbalubbadubdub” mix got the crowd moving and ready to get their groove on.

Before Govinda graced us with his presence, his good friend Kaminanda took the stage. Guitar in hand, playing tribal hybridelica, which combines genres such as reggae, Middle-Eastern music, and electronic dance music, Stephen Kaminanda exposed sound waves that not many electronic DJs dare try. Halfway through his set, a belly dancer walked on stage and began to move for the herd. Dressed in an orange traditional belly dancing costume with a headpiece rested on her forehead, the dancer moved her hips to the psychedelic sound waves. Kaminanda took us out of this world with his version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” moving us through space with his galactic guitar solo. Near the end of his set, another dancer twirled her LED staff as a Middle-Eastern ballad resounded in the background, punctuated by Kaminanda’s guitar.

As the clock struck two and daylight savings came into effect, Govinda took the stage. An uncommon genre known as gypsy dubtronica filled the atmosphere during the debut of his new album “Decadence”. 

Opening with the first track of his new album, “Beautiful Mystery”, he placed the violin under his chin as people threw their arms up and swayed as if moved by the wind. Hooded dancers and a feather-adorned hooper moved around the stage as Govinda, wearing a black masquerade mask that covered only his eyes, serenaded the flock with Indian and Middle-Eastern hymns and rhythms.
Everyone on the dance floor freed their arms, twirled their wrists and moved their hips as the melodic sounds of Govinda and his crooning violin engulfed their senses. In Hinduism, Govinda is known as the “The Finder of Veda” and “Protector of Veda”. They call him the Hindu god Lord Krishna, the rescuer of Earth. Rooted in Hinduism, Govinda is one who gives indulges the senses. Thank you Govinda for exposing Eastern culture to the West through dance, costume and music.
Govinda’s new album “Decadence” is available for download at Eager to catch this mystical madness? He’ll be playing at Serenity Gathering, Kinnection Campout Music Festival, Earthrythms, Sonic Bloom Festival, and Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival. Until then, we patiently await the return of the reincarnated Hindu god!