H<3art Beats: Stööki Sound & Huxley Anne

The H<3art Beats team has been bringing some major heat to Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory this year. They will be closing out their 2018 shows this Friday at 11pm with Stööki Sound & Huxley Anne along with Seattle based Dj Pressha and local talent Akamu and Max Stone.

Get ready to feast your eyes on incredible visual stage design and VJ skills from Mica OZ along with classically trained Bass Ballerinas that come out for all the H<3art Beat shows. The pinnacle of the show is at 1am when local legend Charmae will grace the stage singing live to really mix things up. All in all, these shows are breathing new life into the bass community with the inclusion of art, music, and dance under one roof.

All H<3art Beats shows will always have at least one female DJ on the lineup. Also, they are starting a new initiative called the “Purple Necklace Sexual Harassment Team” who are a couple volunteers that will wear purple necklaces throughout the show so that anyone who is being sexually harassed can report and stand near the team member until they feel safe. We hope to see the Purple Necklace Team at many New York EDM events in the coming year.

Get your ticket to H<3art Beats Presents: Stööki Sound & Huxley Anne right here!

November 16, 2018
Doors @ 11:00pm

We can’t wait to join you on the dance floor!

Take a listen to the latest from Huxley Anne at her SoundCloud below: