G Jones Announces Largest Headlining Show to Date at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium

Upon its release in October 2018, G Jones’ debut LP ‘The Ineffable Truth‘ sent ripples across the electronic music community due to its ingenuity and masterful sound design. Now, following the conclusion of two legs of The Ineffable Truth Live A/V tour, G Jones is set to headline his biggest show to date. The Californian artist will take the stage at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver for their 20th anniversary celebration, bolstered by a powerful, reinforced sound system, and accompanied by the dynamic talents of Stooki Sound, Ivy Lab, and Buku as direct support. Also joining the party as a special guest is abney317, the World Record holding Mario Kart 64 speedrunner who is rumored to be putting his talents on display.

Each of the tracks released from The Ineffable Truth have exhibited both the production chops and musical sensibility that G Jones is known for. With glowing praise being sent in from major dance music outlets like Billboard, NESTHQ, Mixmag and many more, the hype surrounding this maestro is proving to be more than justified. While the album itself is a groundbreaking work of art for bass music, the accompanying live A/V show makes hearing the album spectacular on another level. For more info on this massive headlining performance, head to www.gjonesbass.com, and check out his upcoming 2019 festival tour dates below.





Header Photo Via: G Jones Facebook

Space Jesus Brings The Temple of Noom to a Sold Out PlayStation Theater

On a cold winter night, New York City braced for the arrival of a man who possesses a treasure-trove of otherworldly sounds. They call him Space Jesus, and he was set to ascend on the city that helped launch his career a decade earlier. Space Jesus’ Temple of Noom crew—Minnesota, Of the Trees and Huxley Anne—touched down at Playstation Theater in Midtown Manhattan and not only sold out the 2,100 capacity venue, but packed it out early. The artists proceeded to shake the foundation of the building for the duration of the evening, even closing out the special night with a massive B2B featuring a surprise guest.

It was clear from the onset that the crowd assembled inside PlayStation Theater was prepared for an epic evening. When Huxley Anne took the stage, there was already a dense crowd awaiting to hear what she would throw down. She Played a varied selection of bass tunes and proved exactly why Space Jesus has been a huge supporter of hers since well before she joined him on this tour. When Of The Trees took the stage, the audience perked up a bit as the music emanating from the speakers got progressively weirder. The crowd was already at or near capacity by the time Minnesota started throwing down an ID-filled set that included his unreleased VIP edit of his hit “Hi-Low.”


Anytime Space Jesus plays, his loyal fanbase knows exactly what they are in for, but his set remains mind-blowing each and every time. Opening his set with a familiar combination of two of his more recent tracks, “Dragonhawks” with Liquid Stranger and “Professor Genius” with Esseks, Space Jesus was locked in from the start. For the next hour, he proceeded to run through a list of unreleased material, new releases such as “Omega Robot” with Subtronics and “Meatball Parm” with Conrank, and several OG Space Jesus classic. He found time to include a live rendition of “Nawledge” with GDP joining him on stage, “Spaceboss,” “M. Night Shambhala,” “Sofa Surfin’,” and of course his famed unreleased Space Jam theme song remix that fans have come to know as “Warning.”

Space Jesus was not about to leave the city where it all started without doing something special for New York. Following a quick speech in which he reminisced about “playing Lower East Side basements to randoms,” he invited all of his Temple of Noom openers on stage, as well as his hometown homie Esseks for a massive B2B. The squad rocked the party for an additional 30 minutes, continue to supply the rowdy crowd with excessively wonky tunes. Space Jesus certainly knows how to throw a party, and for one epic night, 2,100 New Yorkers showed him their appreciation for how far he’s made it.

Family Photo
Photo via Space Jesus Facebook

Mark the Beast – Covered in Roses Remixes


The latest music coming from Mark the Beast out of Brooklyn is a real treat for the senses. Check out the remix of Covered in Roses by Mark the Best x Akylla from various artists. Bounce with Wenzday’s dance version and go hard to Nitepunks massive drops while Contrank gives the intro some nice depth and huge deep bass sounds that are his signature sound. The melodic melodies of GLD peak with a sparkly drop that will make you catch some feels. Check out all the versions of Covered in Roses on Soundcloud.

Mark the Beast has continued to make waves and will be playing at the Knitting Factory along with Phiso on July 28th. Get your tickets to that show here.

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Brooklyn Comes Alive: Q&A With Performing Artist Dave Harrington

With only five days to go until Brooklyn Comes Alive, we were able to catch up with performing artist Dave Harrington (you may recognize him from the electronic duo, Darkside) about his Brooklyn roots.  Brooklyn comes alive is going to be full of surprises and a massive list of talent.  Tickets are dwindling; grab ’em here and use code GLNYfam for $20 off 2-day tickets!!


Dave Harrington

Q: As a Brooklynite, what does it mean to you to be performing at this year’s Brooklyn Comes Alive festival?

My favorite part about being a musician in New York is that events like this happen.  It’s really incredible that such an eclectic 2 nights of programming can happen almost walking distance from my apartment.  It’s one of the great privileges of playing music and living in this city.

Q:  How did Brooklyn influence your start in music, specifically as you were a member of various BK based indie-rock bands?

When I got involved in the DIY scene and started playing in Brooklyn bands the most exciting thing for me was how open-eared and open-minded that scene felt to me. There was a real sense of inclusivity and potential.  Strange experimental rock sharing a night with gentle songs or electronic music, it’s still the best part of the scene as far as I’m concerned. And some of the people I played with then, and the friends I’ve made who run venues and are promoters are still some of my closest collaborators to this day.

Q: Have any artists on this year’s lineup played an influence on your music and your improvisational approach?

YES! In fact, I’m lucky to be playing with one of them — Skerik.  I’ve always loved his playing and his energy and the open and wild diversity of the projects he’s been a part of over the years. His ability to slip into all these different contexts while always remaining true to his own musical identity, and always sounding like no one else, is a real inspiration.

Dave Harrington has also been announced as part of BCA’s “After Midnight” series on Saturday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg (lineup below). General and VIP passes to BCA allow you free entry to the show; however you can purchase separate tickets to the event here.


Make sure to not miss our conversation with performer KJ Sawka on BCA here.

Foxtail Delivers Storytelling Through EP ‘Kitsune’


Hitting all ranges of anthropoid feelings and all five senses with a dreamy, emotive sonic palate, Foxtail released his sophisticated EP ‘kitsune‘ through label by audiophiles, The Rust Music on July 9th. Mixes of electronic and conventional instrumentation are flawlessly intermeshed together throughout each track to paint the listener’s mind with a full spectrum of colors. 

Felix Kallin, also known as his alias Foxtail comes from a foundation of knowledge in various instruments such as saxophone, bass clarinet, violin and piano. Thus, classical music left a remarkable stroke on Kallin’s musical influences and creative endeavors in his practice. To illustrate his manipulation of classical composition, you can look at his third track ‘Dussek’s Sonata’ which beings with a  sampled excerpt from a Sonata composed by Sophia Dussek. The track is then fueled and twisted 180 degrees to completely transform the classical piece into a original, glitchy, IDM and ambient soundscape. This is one of the various unique approaches to manipulating sound that Foxtail envisions. You can look at some of his inspirations including classical music, video soundtracks, Japanese culture, and euphoric mountainous landscapes in Utah to get an idea of what brews Foxtail’s creative juice. 

Overall, Kitsune is filled with innovative sonic waves to take you on sublime journey. If you’d like to indulge in the cutting edge of  the electronic music scene, do yourself a favor and keep your eyes and ears peeled for Foxtail and The Rust.

Download EP ‘Kitsune’ in High quality audio on BandcampAddictech

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