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Mark the Beast – Covered in Roses Remixes


The latest music coming from Mark the Beast out of Brooklyn is a real treat for the senses. Check out the remix of Covered in Roses by Mark the Best x Akylla from various artists. Bounce with Wenzday’s dance version and go hard to Nitepunks massive drops while Contrank gives the intro some nice depth and huge deep bass sounds that are his signature sound. The melodic melodies of GLD peak with a sparkly drop that will make you catch some feels. Check out all the versions of Covered in Roses on Soundcloud.

Mark the Beast has continued to make waves and will be playing at the Knitting Factory along with Phiso on July 28th. Get your tickets to that show here.

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Immersive Music, Art and Dance Event at The Knitting Factory

H<3art Beats is an immersive experience of sound, dance and art. Join us to cultivate joy in a transformative environment and tap into your heart beat.


She lived in a world of gray.

Everyday she hoped for more, but all around her were the drab tones of a world seemingly suspended in time. She looked at others, hoping to find answers, but no matter where she turned, the stares of others only seemed to say one thing: Accept all this, and you will be happier.

One afternoon, she found that she could not bear to look at the world anymore. Bending down to stare at her feet, she was blinded by a flash of light. When her eyesight recovered, she found a mirror, and within it she saw herself anew.

From the flush of her skin to the patterns on her clothing, color appeared to flow out of her, pushing back against the gray. Overwhelmed, her hand began to shake, until the mirror felt out of it, shattering against the pavement. Desperately, she began to collect the pieces, hoping to see herself in that wonderful light once more, when another hand reached down. In front of her was another girl, one filled with color just as her reflection had been. Her lips trembling, she asked the other girl a question.

“How did it happen to you? Did you find a mirror too?”
The girl shook her head. “No. I found you.”
Inspiration is contagious. Passion begets passion.

We all have a Heart Beat. Tap in to yours, transform yourself and the world.

Date: May 19th2018

Location: Knitting Factory

Address:361 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Time 11:30-4:00AM



FB Event Page:

iX Releases Psychedelic Debut Album, “About Thyme”


If you’re ready to hear something completely extraordinary, look no further than “About Thyme”, the debut album of Brooklyn based producer, iX (pronounced “icks”). This EP flawlessly creates a musical melting pot using influences from every corner of the world. This 5-track release combines various elements of traditional global cultures with a trip-hop vibe and psychedelic frequencies. The sheer number of unique samples in each track alone takes your ear drums on a majestic ride. For fans of artists such as Beats Antique, The Glitch Mob, and ill.Gates, this EP elevates a combination of styles into a transcendent masterpiece. “About Thyme” is available on Soundcloud now, take a listen below and join the trip.

Space-Bass Producer PEEKABOO Blows Minds with “Imposters” EP

Space-Bass Newbie PEEKABOO Surprises With EP Release

Wakaan hit us hard with some killer releases last month and May is already proving to be no different. Imposters, the debut EP of new guy on the block, PEEKABOO, turned countless heads this weekend. Social media platforms exploded with excitement and support across the board for the Detroit-based producer. Having already received ample backing from some of the biggest names in bass right now including Bassnectar, RL Grime, Caspa, and REZZ – PEEKABOO’s extraterrestrial expression will be a staple in playlists everywhere.

All 4 tracks, appropriately titled “Aliens”, “Arrival”, “Invasion”, and “Imposters”, bring the dirty heat while telling a formidable story of invaders from worlds unknown. With only a year under his belt in the realm of experimental bass music, PEEKABOO’s explosive and rippling basslines catch listeners off guard in the best way. His sound design is heavy enough yet strategic and meticulous, leaving your eardrums in a state of interstellar bliss. This EP is a straight abduction of the senses and a glimpse of what’s to come in the future of bass. No doubt that PEEKABOO will be a star within the Wakaan family as his fan base has already grown exponentially with this impressive release.

Invasion is inevitable, so follow his socials below and keep your eyes and ears peeled for even more releases from PEEKABOO!

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

INTRODUCING: No Scrubs: A Community Discussion on Consent

Introducing No Scrubs_ A Community Discussion on Consent

A once beloved and looked-up-to artist was recently accused of multiple cases of sexual misconduct, ending what was shaping up to be an epic career. The days following the initial disgraceful accusations were a whirlwind of confusion to the entire bass community. An issue that has always lain in the background of the music scene was abruptly and uncomfortably brought into the limelight along with dozens of unanswered questions.

Consent has been a recurring topic this past year with many high-profile celebrities, actors, and even politicians being outed by more people than anyone could have imagined. The #MeToo movement brought newfound nationwide attention to a problem that has persisted for years within the entertainment and music industry. Victims came forward in shocking numbers to couragely share their stories and increase awareness on a common concern that is too often ignored. As news does these days, the initial anger and hype diminished but the issues at hand still remain and so, Dubday wants to keep the discussion going.

On the Tuesday debut of Dubday at Trans-Pecos, a community discussion will be held on the subject of consent. This conversation is going to be led by Emma Kaywin, a Sex and Consent Educator pursuing her doctorate in Health Education at the Teachers College at Columbia University. You may have seen Emma sharing her wonderful wisdom at House of Yes: House of Love, Meso Creso or Ecstatic Dance NYC and it is a great honor to have her come and share. This will be a safe space to discuss and explore thoughts, feelings and experiences with other local individuals. As a large and loving community it is important to educate ourselves on ways to be better at consent for others, and Emma is going to lend a hand. Together this group can begin to brainstorm real solutions to real problems. All are welcome to come and encouraged to contribute. Refreshments and munchies will also be generously provided!

This is a matter being taken very seriously by Dubday, Good Looks Collective and other organizations within the community. With that being said, Sermon & The Ticketing Co. will be hosting a follow-up “safety protocols workshop for event producers” with an emphasis on consent based around the conclusions of this first discussion. It is so crucial for everyone’s opinions to be heard in order to form a comprehensive plan of action for the future. Working together for a safer and better community is possible.

RSVP for No Scrubs on the Facebook page and stay tuned for future workshop announcements!

New Place, Same Party: Dubday NYC Has A New Home

New Place - Same Party_ Dubday Has Relocated

Tell all your friends! Starting this Tuesday, May 1, the weekly Dubday gathering will be held at it’s brand new home, Trans-Pecos! Trans-Pecos (pronounced “trans-PEAK-owes”) is an all ages venue that stands as a quaint coffee shop during the day, conveniently located on the Bushwick/Ridgewood border. As this community continues to grow and thrive, the parties must follow suite. Trans-Pecos is the perfect place for all lovers of bass to come together in a beautiful space guaranteed to make you feel at home. Just a few blocks from the Halsey L subway, this venue has everything a great show needs and more. Beyond the essentials, Trans-Pecos also offers a backyard area which will be utilized as the weather continues to heat up. Two additional changes to keep in mind: the festivities will be from 9PM until 2AM (great news for all the working folk!) and Dubday will now be a 19+ event.

In addition to Dubday’s Trans-Pecos debut, a very special consent workshop will be hosted the same evening. Click here to find out more.

While everyone will certainly miss The Gateway, the Dubday team has explained that this change is completely positive. Without the hospitality and continued support from the team at The Gateway, this expansion would not be possible. Make sure you head over to the Facebook page for the weekly breakdown of events and to purchase advance, guaranteed-entry tickets!


Interview with Beyond Dope – Benefit Concert in Brooklyn, May 12th


While the opioid epidemic has finally been addressed by prominent leaders in recent years, this crisis is no stranger to the music community. The devastating reality is that music and drug use go hand in hand. Like music, substance abuse does not discriminate whose life it takes a hold of – but oftentimes and unfortunately leads to devastating consequences. Of the 64,000 deaths related to drug overdose in 2016, 59,000 of them involved opioids – a record high number that sadly continues to rise. This alarming statistic is in part due to the unique differences between opioid addiction and other substance abuse such as the rapid physiological dependency, violent withdrawal symptoms, and general availability and access of the drug. Most opioid users are introduced to narcotics through prescriptions administered to manage chronic pain due to preexisting medical conditions. These factors in combination with the difficulty to maintain good mental health while using, make opioid addiction particularly dangerous compared to other substance abuse.

Opening up a dialogue about opioid addiction and abuse can be uncomfortable, but awareness is one of the first steps on the long road ahead to put a stop to this public health crisis. Beyond Dope Productions, a new nonprofit, is taking lead in the conversation. Based in New York, this amazing organization is throwing their first benefit concert on May 12, 2018 at the Brooklyn Bazaar feat. Jantsen & Eliminate (click to RSVP) to raise money for research into the treatment for opioid addiction. Founder and CEO, Deanna Dunne, took some time to talk to Good Looks Collective about her personal experience with this terrible epidemic and how Beyond Dope plans to help all those who have been affected by it.

unnamed (1)

GLC: Can you tell us a little bit about your inspiration for starting Beyond Dope Productions?
Deanna: Just over two years ago, I was in the middle of teaching my 5th grade students when I got a phone call from my mom that my brother, Michael, was in a coma in the hospital. He had overdosed on a shot of heroin and cocaine that was laced with fentanyl. A few days later, he passed away leaving behind his wife and two pre-teen daughters.

Beyond Dope was born out of my passion for live music and my desire to make a difference in the world in memory of Michael.

GLC: You already have Eliminate and Jantsen on the bill – two heavy hitters in the bass scene – with more to be announced. Besides the obviously dope lineup, what else can people expect to see/do at this event?
Deanna: Beyond the music, the Beyond Dope team is working tirelessly to make sure that our cause is present throughout the event. Currently, we are seeking out related harm-reduction and advocacy organizations to have a variety of resources represented at the show. We’ve already confirmed a Dance Safe table where representatives will be available to help educate attendees on matters of substance abuse. We will certainly have some sort of memorial alter for attendees to honor loved ones who have passed away. My biggest goal is to have a qualified representative available who can distribute naloxone kits to attendees and train them on how to administer it so that they are equipped to actually save a life, should they encounter someone who is overdosing.

It’s important to me that this event is more than just a fundraiser, but that people leave having learned something new and empowered to take action in this battle.

28951889_808714932649539_3570660107077287936_oGLC: What are your long term goals for Beyond Dope as a nonprofit organization?

Deanna: Currently, we’re focusing all of our efforts on making sure our first show exceeds all expectations. We have had talks of throwing at least one more show this fall. Eventually, we definitely plan on having regular events, whether seasonally, monthly, or even eventually maybe weekly so we can maximize our impact on the opiate crisis and contribute to an even stronger community in the bass scene than we already have.

GLC: It’s easy to feel helpless watching friends take a path that leads them to opioids. What advice can you give to people who aren’t sure what steps to take to help their loved ones?
Deanna: The toughest thing is learning how to be supportive without enabling the behavior while also making sure to take care of yourself through the emotional rollercoaster of addiction. No matter who you are or what struggles your dealing with, humans need connection and love from others and we need to feel empowered over our own lives. I always try encourage others to be supportive of their loved-ones as a non judgemental listener. Of course it’s important to also encourage that person to seek professional help but many people feel so disempowered, depressed, and helpless that they don’t even see that this is something that can work for them. Keep loving them and keep encouraging them. In the meantime, get yourself trained in naloxone administration (it’s free in NYC!) and encourage your loved one to also keep a kit with them in case of emergency and to practice other harm-reduction techniques until they do finally seek professional assistance.


This event will be monumental in changing the way our community sees and understands a crisis which has already claimed too many lives. It is shaping up to be an unforgettable night with more artists to be announced on stages curated by Dubday-NYC and More Signal, as well as a Funktion-One system that’s been heralded as the gold standard for sound. Tickets can be purchased here. RSVP here.

The Ticketing Co. has also set up an option to make additional donations in $5 increments and are generously donating all ticket fees back to the cause. Merch will be available soon for purchase on the Beyond Dope Productions Facebook page. For those who can not make it but would like to contribute, donations can be made through PayPal here. Deanna ended our chat by letting us know that “the Beyond Dope team is so appreciative of any and all support we receive, whether monetary or otherwise” and we know our bass community will show up to get down for this massive cause! 

Follow Beyond Dope on Facebook | Instagram.



Longtime Brooklyn producer and artist, Esseks, has been hard at work in the studio putting together his latest and greatest. His 7-track EP, “A Hole in The Fourth Wall”, was released this past Friday, April 6, under Liquid Strangers’ WAKAAN label and is a must-listen if you’re a fan of things unexpected and extraordinary.

Sam Eckstein is no stranger to the creative process. He has been writing music since his teenage years and is also the guitarist for his band, Technicolor Lenses (check out their Soundcloud!). To top it off, he is way talented in the art department with a Fine Arts degree in Illustration and showcases his eccentric and creepy prints as his own album art. Sam’s experimental sound is heavily influenced by the likes of Yheti, J.Dilla, and Psymbionic and you’ve definitely heard at least one of his many collaborations with bass-fan favorite and personal friend, Space Jesus.

“A Hole in The Fourth Wall” takes you on self-guided expedition through the twisted fun-house that is the visionary mind of Esseks. Each track has its own unique personality, but the comprehensive EP has funky glitch-hop and impossibly deep basslines ingrained into its soul. The first track, “Heavy Meta” is merciless with a low and slow, rolling kick drum that’s impossible not to vibe to. Eckstein demonstrates a consistent level of intricacy that begs to be heard and contemplated. Philadelphia duo, Wax Future, make a welcome appearance on the track “Tunnels” and Keith Wadsworth absolutely slays a guitar solo giving the song a blues rock touch. Fluidity from start to finish makes it simple to get lost within the experimental realm Esseks is painting for his fans. This is an EP you are going to want to come back to over and over again.

Check out all of Esseks music here and his artwork here! Big things are in store for this production wizard, so be sure to follow his socials and stay up to date on where he’ll be melting minds this summer.



iX Releases “Såmsara” Single Ahead of Full EP, Out May 8th


Brooklyn-based producer iX (pronounced “icks”), is set to unveil his debut EP, “About Thyme,” on May 8th. The project is part of an extensive catalogue that the producer plays out frequently, effectively discombobulating crowds as they struggle to comprehend the sounds resonating from the systems.

iX’s first single off the EP, “Såmsara,” is a fitting introduction into the versatility and rhythmic delectability woven throughout the project. The track draws from eastern influences without being overbearing, using a beat and vocal cuts that entrance the listener while low-end, squelching frequencies seduce your ear-holes. Give it a listen below, spread the good word, and prepare yourself for the full EP out May 8th..

Rusko: The Legend is Back


If you were lucky enough to be at Analog BKNY on Saturday night you were in for an mind-blowing bass extravaganza. Rusko is back, and boy did he throw down. His harrowing battle with Cancer was on everyone’s mind this year. He fought it and he beat it…and thank god he did because we need him around. The room was vibey with tunes that made me mosh like like I did in the forest, the mountain, and the desert at those music festivals and the memories were visceral. I hoped the roof would peel back to expose the stars. The crowd moved like we were children again playing to the music. The room was a raging hotbox, even the walls were sweating.

DSC_5870Rusko helped to pioneer a genre that is closest to bliss in my mind. He dominated a movement from England that spread like wildfire to the US, influencing & building the careers of major US bass artists like Bassnectar and Skrillex. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard Rusko tracks mixed into a headliners’ set, and it’s always a highlight of the show.

Special shout out to the openers Luzcid, Laetus, iX, Jizzy Fra, and Krook. Thanks to everyone that came out to support Good Looks and welcome back Rusko in New York City. Keep up & join the Good Looks group page at In Good Company.




Autograf Leaves Us Speechless in NYC

Last Saturday was another cold one in New York, but Chicago based group, Autograf, was bringing some much needed heat to Schimanski Club in Brooklyn. The incredible trio, currently on their Caution:Live tour, are giving fans across the country a generous dose of of their particularly beautiful sound with some surprises along the way. This show was even more special for everyone in attendance, as the group made a game changing announcement (keep reading!).

The night started off with support from fellow Chicago native, COFRESI and Canadian based, Ramzoid. These young up and coming artists mesh perfectly into the vibe of this tour. Their sounds were a complementary combination of percussion, hip-hop, and future bass. Vincent from the the Dutch duo, DROELOE, followed the two opening acts and added his own melodic flair to the line up. His charismatic stage presence waswarm and inviting and he had everyone singing to every one of their incredible tracks. He hit the crowd with “Sunburn” and “Backbone” and gave a taste of their latest single, “Many Words” to top it off.

Autograf Leaves Us Speechless in NYC

Anticipation was thick in the air when it was finally time for Autograf to take the stage. The massive disco ball hanging above the dance floor glittered purple and orange across grinning faces. As soon as the first note vibrated through the speakers, souls melted into the dancefloor. The best part about this tour is that it feels like a fully immersive experience and not just another club night. Every single song was perfection and hit you in all the possible feels. The way that Mikul, Louis, and Jake were able to completely take control of the energy of the room was unbelievable and the flow from track to track was thoughtful and seamless. From dreamy, glistening originals to popular, high-energy edits, it was a complete tour of what makes Autograf who they are. Some original tracks sprinkled into this set included “Simple”, “You Might Be”, “Dream”, and of course “Sleepless in NYC”. Another true fan favorite, “Rockabye”, was a highlight along with an unexpected remix of “Gucci Gang” which further displays their ability to take their imaginative craftsmanship and apply it to genres across the board. As if all those weren’t enough, they also gave a preview of their new original single, “Dead Soon”, which is available now. This track is another lyrical wonder from the group and a reminder to really cherish every moment given in this life. From start to finish, the guys were able to captivate the hearts of each person in the massive crowd that gathered together to witness musical greatness.

Since forming the group in 2013, it’s clear that they have successfully mastered the vision for Autograf and continue to set themselves up to further push the creative boundaries of what EDM is today. As we know, there is no better city to be inspired than New York – which the guys announced is now their new official home! That’s right, Autograf will now be based in NYC and we can’t wait to see where this change of scenery will lead them. In addition to sharing the amazing news, the guys took the show to another level and gifted those who were partying late into the night with a live DJ set to close it down. Even at 4 am, they kept everyone grooving and vibing until it was time to finally say good-bye. It’s safe to say that this tour is nothing short of incredible and will certainly exceed all expectations.

Autograf, Droeloe & More Stop at Schimanski this Saturday

NYC1 (4)

Chicago-based trio, Autograf, will be back in NYC at Schimanski this Saturday 3/17 for their CAUTION:LIVE tour. Accompanying the release of their uplifting new single, “Hope for Tomorrow” with Klingande & Dragonette, the group has been on the road bringing their creative and sultry sound to the masses. You don’t want to miss the mesmerizing live experience these guys are sharing with their fans. Special guest, DROELOE (on his own, Many Words tour right now), will accompany the guys to keep everyone grooving and singing through the night.

Check out ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ and DROELOE’s latest, ‘Many Words’ below. This show is a guaranteed stellar dance party. Grab your tickets here!

Q&A w/ Dirt Monkey & Subtronics Ahead of NYC Return, April 27

You heard it here first! Good Looks is bringing Dirt Monkey & Subtronics back to NYC with another round of massive wubs on the Warp Drive tour! The guys took some time to answer a few questions about the tour, industry changes, and what the future may hold. Be sure to catch them in Brooklyn at Sunnyvale on April 27! Snag your tickets.

[Q&A] Dirt Monkey & Subtronics Heading Back on the Road

Good Looks: As seasoned producers in the bass music scene, what have been the more significant changes you’ve noticed (musically, community, industry) from when you first started out until now?

Subtronics: Basically everything. The major platforms for where music is found, the ways to reach a bigger audience, the style of what gets crowd responses, the speed at which you have to make tunes, everything is constantly changing at a fast pace. I still spend all day every day sitting in my room producing weird noises but now on the weekends, I’m living out of hotels and playing shows.

Dirt Monkey: Nowadays, there’s a lot more room for the underground to blossom up and be a force to reckon with as far as shows go. When I was just getting into playing shows (around 2009), all the big dubstep acts (Rusko, Skream, etc) were playing smaller venues and anyone smaller than them were just playing bars, since not as many people were into this music yet. I think with mainstream electronic music totally blowing up over the last 5 years, it’s given producers/DJs in niche genres (such as myself, Space Jesus, Subtronics, GWN and that kinda stuff) a much bigger platform to spread our music from than we had before.

[Q&A] Dirt Monkey & Subtronics Heading Back on the RoadGL: You’ve mentioned a lot recently that your latest creative project is to blend wook space bass with riddim. Do you think part of this master plan may include starting a record label in the future with other like-minded artists, potentially ending the separation between the sub-genres?

ST: Potentially. I have thought about starting my own imprint kind of label, not so much where we push a brand or image or anything like that, more so a platform for me to have complete control over music that I want to put out. If I meet other kids that blend the idea of underground wonky OG style dubstep with some weird space noises, I’ll always support anyone who is pushing boundaries.[Q&A] Dirt Monkey & Subtronics Heading Back on the Road

GL: Your fans have been getting spoiled with a ton of b2b sets. Can we expect more of that on this tour? How you do you guys practice blending your individual styles before getting up on stage together?

ST: I honestly don’t even know lol, if there’s extra time at the end for some shows we will most likely do a few. I think blending our styles is sick because I am super heavy with hints of wonky and Pat is super wonky with hints of heavy. We really balance each other out into a weird unique 3rd entity that neither of us can accomplish alone.

DM: Yea, we’re gonna do some here and there on the tour. Those will be different than the usual where we are billed together on a b2b. It’ll be more of a chance for us to play music that we don’t normally get to play during our normal sets, and get kinda weird. As far as practice goes, we do some planning beforehand to figure out what kinda stuff each other is playing, but it’s mainly just on the go figuring it out.

GL: Speaking of blending your styles, what would you say the overall theme/vibe going into this tour is?

ST: Wonky dubstep with hints of heavy, hints of riddim, hints of paying tribute to the OG’s that came before us, being silly and not taking anything too seriously, and mostly making sure everyone’s minds are sufficiently blown.


GL: You are constantly collaborating with incredible artists like Boogie T, GWN, Jantsen, and most recently Space Jesus. Can we expect to see any of them as support for this tour or do you [both] have any other surprises up your sleeve?

DM: Well, they are all masters of their types of music, so I really wouldn’t be able to consider any of them as support acts for me, but there are some things in the works as far as tunes go. Jantsen and I got some new stuff coming that is along the lines of old jazz & wobbles, which I’m really really stoked about. Don’t miss out on the madness that this duo is sure to bring with them this spring and be sure to follow the guys’ socials to stay up to date on all the tour shenanigans!

EXCISION Will Melt Your Face This Weekend!



He’s HEEEEEERE! Yes, EXCISION is back in NYC for two glorious days of break your neck music! After a very successful launch of his new festival Lost Lands, he has perfected his Paradox Tour to include dinosaurs and other surprises. Terminal 5 will be hosting the over the top extravaganza both Friday and Saturday night!

Excision is well known for utilizing the latest in visual technology that includes lights, lazers and 3D imagery. He combines audio and visual to create a unique experience that is unlike anything else out there. Truly a one of a kind face-melting show on 150,000 watt PK sound system.

Tomorrow will be the first of two shows that will feature support by Liquid Stranger, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Downlink, Protohype, Dion Timmer, Monxx and Yakz. Do not miss this bass blowout! Get your tickets right here!


EMERGE Debut with Aweminus in NYC!


A brand new monthly event is taking back Manhattan for EDM music. The very first instalment of EMERGE which is a showcase of emerging artists will be on March 16th in the lower east side at the Mercury Lounge.

The headliner is Aweminus from Never Say Die records with support from Nitepunk, Luminate and Level Up. Aweminus produces music with dark undertones. His melodies are groovy and you can always expect some dirty bass. Local support will be Nitepunk who is originally from Tbilisi Georgia, now based in Brooklyn. His bass music creations are original and worldly with intricate sound design. Luminate from Chicago has been to NYC a few times and will be back again with his drippy deconstructed bass beats. Finally kicking off the night is Level Up! She is a bass music DJ from NYC and will be throwing down huge for the night.

Besides the music, Fat Kitty productions always aims to combine Music, Dance and Art so you can expect to see Bass Ballerinas, beautiful stage production and awesome music. Get ready to dance the night away! The Show is 21+ and will be in the lower east side at Mercury Lounge. Get your tickets right here!


Fat Kitty is the production company of Damask Schantz and Ashlyn Fulton. These girls are tastemakers in NYC and have brought shows like the all-female DJ event EVE and now EMERGE to New York City.