Hotel Garuda Drops First Solo Single, “One Reason”

“One Reason”

Chris Gavino and Aseem Mangaoka of Hotel Garuda announced earlier this year that Gavino would be leaving the duo and pursuing his solo career as Manila Killa. While Gavino and Mangaoka remain friends, Mangaoka has refined the Hotel Garuda sound as his own. With this new chapter in the Hotel Garuda story, comes the fresh single, “One Reason.”

The track features producer Imad Royal and strong vocals from Kiah Victoria. “One Reason” is overpowered with good vibes and its immersive sound reminds listeners why they fell in love with the Hotel Garuda sound. “One Reason” is an instant pop hit and fans can only expect more from the new Hotel Garuda.

Listen to the track below:

New York City fans of Hotel Garuda are lucky enough to see Mangaoka in his element. On tour with Gorgon City, Hotel Garuda will be performing at The Great Hall-Avant Gardner on Saturday, Nov. 17 and tickets are available here.

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