How To Win Free Electric Forest Tickets For Life: Electricology & The Prize Cart

After the final acts finished up each night of this year’s Electric Forest attendees were not given much time to absorb what they’d just witnessed on stage before an intoxicatingly catchy jingle filled the air. By Sunday night of weekend two, the jubilant, booming singalong had become familiar and quite loved. It was not uncommon for guests to call out Electricology‘s “Priiiizeeee Caaaaart” song, perfectly mimicking the enthusiastic tone in the announcers voice, hoping the crowds moving through the forest would follow suit. Some may even agree the “Prize Cart” jingle was cheered out more often than the iconic “CAAAARL”.


After Bassnectar’s set the crowd abruptly stopped their mass exodus from the stage to pay full attention to the jingle we’d grown so accustomed to during eight days of forest. But something was different. Someone had flipped the originally mellow tune into a seriously heavy Prize Cart remix. Once again the bass hungry crowd was thrashing their bodies in sporadic dance. Watch it go down in the video below, it was easily one of the most hilarious moments from weekend two.

 So, let’s take a second to talk about the deeper story behind the now infamous Prize Cart.


The cart was conceptualized by the Electricology team, who ensure Sherwood Forest remains beautiful during and after Electric Forest. Prize Cart called for everyone to participate in a festival-wide competition to keep the forest clean, and of course, came stacked with amazing goodies for hard-working winners.


With this year’s expansion of Electric Forest into a two weekend festival, the team inspired guests to lend a hand in keeping the forest pristine by offering those with the most “ecopoints” a chance to win rewards like FREE tickets to the forest for life.

Ecopoints were rewarded through impromptu clean up games around the forest (the PRRRRIIIIZZZEEE CAAART), turning in recyclables and trash to campground Ecozones and the Electricology store, carpooling and for composting food vendor plates, cups and utensils… By the way, EVERYTHING received from vendors at Electric Forest is compostable. Keep this in mind for next year!

19679140_1745724295725495_2467393697762362074_oAs for that unforgettable jingle though, we have Kyle Hollingsworth The String Cheese Incident‘s keyboard wizard to thank for that. We can also send big thank yous to the good people at Vibedration, ENO hammocks and Grassroots California for sponsoring the Electricology team and supplying goodies for winners. And of course, keeping the forest beautiful and cared for.

Join the movement! You can sign up to be apart of the Electricology team in 2018 here.




Potos contributed by Silky Shots.