Identical Twins MZG Drop Mitosis Themed EP ‘Cell Division’

Zach & Charles Weinert have taken their connection as identical twins to a new level on their new EP ‘Cell Division.’ Each of the five tracks on the EP is named after a phase of mitosis, the biological process behind cells dividing equally, leading to the birth of identical twins. ‘Cell Division’ dropped today, and can easily be considered the best work the duo has released since the inception of the MZG project in 2014.

The five steps of cell division as well as the five tracks on the EP are as follows: “Interphase,” “Prophase,” “Metaphase,” “Anaphase” and “Telephase.” The opening track is a lighthearted and fun tune that not only gives listeners a taste of what MZG has to offer, but also acts as a lesson in biology. The mystery teacher provides new lessons as the EP progresses, leaving no doubt that everyone will be an expert in the process of mitosis by the end of the EP.

Describing their motivation behind the theme of the EP, the duo said:

“The sound of [of the EP] was imagined and inspired by what we thought would best accompany the images of cells dividing constantly to create a complete organism. It felt like a chance to take the bare reality of cell division and abstract it through our artist process.”

The twins describe ‘Cell Division’ as the most representative of the sound they plan to produce as MZG. If they keep releasing music of this caliber, we can’t wait to hear more from MZG in the future.

Listen to ‘Cell Division’ below: