Important Event Updates

Good Looks is known for evolving and creating more ways to grow. This year has cultivated so many new opportunities for collaborations, events and so much more. As Good Looks continues to grow as a collective, fresh and new possibilities emerge along with it.

This is why Good Looks is thrilled to announce that a number of upcoming shows are being moved to The Kings Hall in Brooklyn, NY. Within the grand venue that is The Avant Gardner, Kings Hall is an 18+ venue and optimized for an ideal event experience. This is an exciting chance to expand in order to ensure that events are the best they can be for attendees without taking away the classic brand of Good Looks Collective.

The following shows will be moved to The Kings Hall in Brooklyn, NY:

Luzcid & Jantsen 10/19

Minnesota 11/17

Shlump 12/7

Figure 12/15