Infrasound Festival Reciprocates Support From Artistic Community By Initiating Grant Program

The organizers curating this year’s Infrasound Music Festival have been working nonstop to create an even more inclusive festival, one which places a priority not simply on providing the best overall experience but also
on creating an enriching artistic environment. In this spirit, Infrasound has announced a groundbreaking grant program for artists and photographers; their12509626_708227829311653_1419529573556712657_n way of giving something back to the community which helped build Infrasound over the years into what it is today.

Now in its 5th year running, this year’s Infrasound will be a milestone event as they are relocating to a more expansive location in Highbridge, Wisconsin and will be taking place the weekend of June 2nd to 5th. With this new grant program, the organizers hope to expand the focus of the festival beyond music alone. The goal is to create opportunities for established or aspiring artists and photographers to showcase their skills and capture the essence of what makes Infrasound such a beautiful gathering. This program goes beyond the immediate community located primarily in the Midwest, rather it is open to anyone who wishes to bring their artistic vision to life. Each program is slightly different; two applicants from each pool will ultimately be selected to receive the grants, which for artists will be $1000 each and $400 for photographers.


For artists applying to create art installations, the organizers are looking for unique and eye-catching proposals. The displays are encouraged to be an artist’s reflection of what makes Infrasound so special, be it all the amazing musicians in one place, or simply the camaraderie among attendees and artists. As far as photographers are concerned, don’t be discouraged if you’re not an established photographer with an extensive festival portfolio. The organizers are looking for someone capable of capturing ethereal moments that embody the transformational ethos of Infrasound Music and Arts Festival. The $1000 artist grants will be announced on May 12th, while the pair of $400 photography grant recipients will be announced a few days later on May 20th. Best wishes to all of those who apply; we hope to see you for five glorious days come June 2nd for what will undoubtedly be Infrasound’s biggest year yet,

Applications for each of the grant programs can be found HERE. Remember to RSVP and pick up your Tickets before they’re gone!