Interview with Figure on His New Album, ‘The Asylum’

Figure Releases ‘The Asylum’

Figure released his newest album, ‘The Asylum’ on Oct. 12 and it’s everything fans want it to be, and more. The producer released three singles in the weeks leading up to the album release, “Dr. Death,” “Shock Therapy” and “Escape.”

Figure’s ‘The Asylum’ differs from his previous ‘Monsters’ albums in more ways than one. And the album brings listeners on a dark ride through Figure’s mind. The tracks on this album hit harder than ever,  bringing out those foul and sinister traits fans love in a Figure song. The bone-chilling basslines and epic sound design are unparalleled.

Good Looks Collective was able to speak with Figure about ‘The Asylum,’ his favorite horror movies and more.

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1. What are your top three favorite horror films and why?

“Honestly, my favorites change day to day. However, there are a couple that are my go-to horror movies, my ‘comfort’ movies. ‘The Shining’ will always reign supreme with me. The environment it sets is unparalleled, I always get dragged into the movie and forget I’m watching something on a screen. The original ‘House on Haunted Hill’ was something I grew up with, somehow at 7 years old I actually enjoyed a black and white old movie. The original Maniac still to this day creeps me out, because it could all happen anytime …any day. The soundtrack to ‘Maniac’ alone makes me feel gross.”

2. How has your style evolved, in your eyes, since you started producing?

“Seeing that I grew up making hip-hop, the evolution is very up front and clear. The times you can really hear me evolving is when you listen to my old electro house, and then listen to my new stuff. You can still hear me in the old house stuff I did, but these days I can hear me more than ever in my music.”

3. When did Terrorvision come about? And what was the response at first?

“I wanted to show the crowd the visual version of my music. I still haven’t let out how evil and dark I can take my music, but Terrorvision gives fans a peek into that. The response was great, some people thought it was a tad too bloody… and that’s exactly what I want.”

4. If you could produce any other kind of music, what would you produce?

“Soundtracks for movies.”

5. How has bass music changed since you started producing?

“It grew bigger than I thought it would. It’s way easier for people to make music these days which is why it’s important that people have their own sound.”

6. What do you want fans to know about ‘The Asylum?’

“I want them to listen to the entire thing front to back with no skipping, the first time they listen. I want them to hear the story and picture it for themselves. I’m going to release a single file/mp3 of the album front to back as well.”

7. How is this album different than your previous ‘Monsters’ albums?

“The Monsters series are ‘albums,’ but they are not meant to always tell a story or concept. Monsters is a collection of themes; this album is its own story.”∎

Figure is coming to NYC!

Figure will be performing at Kings Hall-Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, New York on Dec. 15. Tickets are available here.

Listen to ‘The Asylum’