INTRODUCING: No Scrubs: A Community Discussion on Consent

Introducing No Scrubs_ A Community Discussion on Consent

A once beloved and looked-up-to artist was recently accused of multiple cases of sexual misconduct, ending what was shaping up to be an epic career. The days following the initial disgraceful accusations were a whirlwind of confusion to the entire bass community. An issue that has always lain in the background of the music scene was abruptly and uncomfortably brought into the limelight along with dozens of unanswered questions.

Consent has been a recurring topic this past year with many high-profile celebrities, actors, and even politicians being outed by more people than anyone could have imagined. The #MeToo movement brought newfound nationwide attention to a problem that has persisted for years within the entertainment and music industry. Victims came forward in shocking numbers to couragely share their stories and increase awareness on a common concern that is too often ignored. As news does these days, the initial anger and hype diminished but the issues at hand still remain and so, Dubday wants to keep the discussion going.

On the Tuesday debut of Dubday at Trans-Pecos, a community discussion will be held on the subject of consent. This conversation is going to be led by Emma Kaywin, a Sex and Consent Educator pursuing her doctorate in Health Education at the Teachers College at Columbia University. You may have seen Emma sharing her wonderful wisdom at House of Yes: House of Love, Meso Creso or Ecstatic Dance NYC and it is a great honor to have her come and share. This will be a safe space to discuss and explore thoughts, feelings and experiences with other local individuals. As a large and loving community it is important to educate ourselves on ways to be better at consent for others, and Emma is going to lend a hand. Together this group can begin to brainstorm real solutions to real problems. All are welcome to come and encouraged to contribute. Refreshments and munchies will also be generously provided!

This is a matter being taken very seriously by Dubday, Good Looks Collective and other organizations within the community. With that being said, Sermon & The Ticketing Co. will be hosting a follow-up “safety protocols workshop for event producers” with an emphasis on consent based around the conclusions of this first discussion. It is so crucial for everyone’s opinions to be heard in order to form a comprehensive plan of action for the future. Working together for a safer and better community is possible.

RSVP for No Scrubs on the Facebook page and stay tuned for future workshop announcements!