Jaenga Releases Jaw-Dropping EP, “Toulambi”


Patrick McDevitt, known better by his moniker, Jaenga, is hanging off the side of his purple bus in the middle of Brooklyn, shooting his first music video. Music blaring, surrounded by friends and fans alike, the long-haired, long-limbed producer is soaking in every moment of his next level of success. Jaenga released his first EP “Toulambi” on Nov. 14 and is gearing up to perform the new tracks on Nov. 17 at Kings Hall in Brooklyn.

But before Jaenga was Jaenga, he was an alternative rock and progressive metal guitarist. McDevitt, 27, describes his first experience of electronic music as a milestone moment in his life. He first stepped foot in Webster Hall around 2012 for a Nero show and that was it. “All I could think was, ‘Holy shit, my generation has been here the whole time, where the fuck have I been?'” he said. “All my idols were dead and right there I decided I wanted to be a pioneer in something I knew had a future.” He has been producing as a serious artist since then and found himself playing on the main stage of Webster Hall two years later.

About the Purple Bus

McDevitt was an attendee at festivals around the country and he decided he wanted more. He converted a school bus into a mobile home and stage in 2016.  He said, “I realized there might be a chance that I’d never make it onto those big festival stages. So I decided I might as well bring my own stage and perform in the RV lots with my friends.” McDevitt’s bus is also known for its debut as the Camp Bisco and Good Looks Renegade Stage.

Methods and Review

McDevitt not only views producing music as a career, but as a revolution. He wants to emphasize the strong connection between music and culture. He said, “Music is a vehicle for cultivating aesthetic, relationships and lifestyle.” He produces music based on his feelings that are captured in a place and time. “A sense of nostalgia is key,” he said.

Each track is curated around a moment in time and “Toulambi” embodies this sentiment. For example, “Never Gonna” is a classic drum n bass track accented with Jaenga’s style. “Toulambi Tribe” has those nostalgic dubstep sounds mixed with modern free-form bass sounds making for a powerful track.

“Toulambi” is a breath of fresh air for bass music. Released with Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats label, Jaenga has a strong backing. Each track is unique in its own way and it’s clear the influence of Jaenga’s sound spans far and wide. “Gravity” is bass heavy with hard-hitting drops and a healthy amount of suspense throughout the track.

Jaenga’s “Monsters” is a straight up dubstep banger. One can’t help but put their speakers on full volume when listening to this entire EP.

Upcoming Live Performance

We can’t wait to see what more Jaenga has to offer. He will be opening for Minnesota on Saturday, Nov. 17 at Kings Hall-Avant Gardner and tickets are available here.

He will also be performing with Zeds Dead on Dec. 8 at the Detroit Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI and tickets can be found here.

“The last three years have been the strangest years of my life in the most beautiful way,” said McDevitt.