Jizzy Fra’s ‘Worldly Winds Mixtape’ Offers A Spectrum Of Sound Waves


Bass music is all about satisfying your eardrums with unusually delightful sound waves. Jared Frazer, also known as Jizzy Fra released an incredibly unique concept piece, titled ‘Worldly Winds Mixtape‘ yesterday on Philly based label, Funkadelphia Records. Funkadelphia has worked with the best of the best up-and-coming bass music producers such as Toadface, Wax Future, Tsimba, Levitation Jones and many more.
Worldly Winds Mixtape Cover

Worldly Winds has an array of funk, bass, glitch, and chilled out hip-hop influences packed with deep bass and playful synths. The mixtape is available in vocal and instrumental versions, which does an excellent job of capturing Frazer’s flowing creativity and showcases the beauty of bass music. It may get off to a heavy start, but before you know it Frazer immerses listeners in slower, super vibey beats.

Frazer offers an explanation on his newest creation below:

“The concept of the ‘Worldly Winds’ has been particularly helpful for me in coming to terms with the current state of the world…The worldly winds of pleasure/pain, gain/loss, praise/blame, and fame/shame are constantly blowing us around and we have no control over them, despite the fact that we like to think we do. The key is to sail neither with or against the winds, feeling pleasure without losing focus, and feeling pain without becoming absorbed by it. The worldly winds teach us to be grounded and level-headed, acknowledging and appreciating the balance within everything. The broadening of one end of the spectrum only deepens the other.” 

Be ready for this musical journey Worldly Winds is about to take you on. You can catch Jizzy Fra on Tuesday the 14th at Trans-pecos, Queens, NY. Wednesday the 15th at Silk City in Philadelphia, PA, Friday the 17th at Stella Blues LLC in New Haven, CT and Saturday, April 1st in a Bushwick Warehouse in Brooklyn with Wax Future, Lev Jones & Toadface. Check his socials for more info!

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