Kadela Delivers Whimsical Beats on the Sleepwalker EP

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 11.49.02 PM

Take a moment to listen to the melodic tunes just released by Kadela on his new Sleepwalker EP. Kadela chooses to mix sweet guitar riffs with vibey beats that sound like they were created from soaking in this entire 2017 summer. The vocals on track 2: Save Me featuring Adam Johnston will take you on a journey that flows into some soul touching choppy cuts that have you wishing for more.

The bass is strong with track 3: Owabi River getting low and wompy real quick with expressive guitar and electronic sounds pulling you in ever so deeply. Kadela has a knack for arranging the notes to form an almost touchable musical atmosphere as shown from his final track, Recluse that brings you right to the jungle and within yourself with a meditative spiritual energy. In the end, it’s the bass that will bring you back unable to do anything but move your body deeply in sync with the music. Don’t try to fight it…just let yourself go.

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