kLL sMTH and Esseks Combine Forces On New Track ‘Whale Man’

Photo via RaverRafting
Photo via RaverRafting

Brooklyn’s Esseks has teamed up with Colorado producer kLL sMTH to drop the biggest track of the week, Whale Man. Both artist have been busy making a name for themselves in the ever-growing bass music scene. Both artist have secured well deserved spots on line ups such as Sonic BloomCamp Bisco4321 at Astral Valley and UpNorth, but together, the musicians create a fusion of west and east coast bass we haven’t been able to stop bumping.


The tune just dropped on Wednesday and the reaction from fans has already been massive. We were able to gain a little insight on inspiration from the track from Kristoffer Edland himself (kll sMTH). He explained that the pair recored the percussions themselves on a field recorder because the goal of the track; was to make something together using acoustic instruments.

Wale Man has the quintessential sound of both producers blended together perfectly, which is pretty rare with so many collaborations between artists ending up being one bitting the other producers sound. These two OG’s will undoubtably be playing a festival near you soon, so stream this banger below and peep their socials to stay up-to-date with their latest performances.

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