Kyral x Banko Are Required Listening for Your Turn Up Playlist, Catch Them at April Showers (4/22)

When you hear Kyral x Banko, the very essence of your day will change. These two phenomenal artists, Collin Burdick and Bennett Kohler, met while they were students at University of Illinois and combined their production skills to create hard-hitting tunes. They are now resident DJs at many known venues in Chicago and have even performed at Summer Camp Music Festival as well as North Coast Music Festival. Their blend of rap and electronic music fuels their audience’s energy and increases their passion throughout their performances. They feel as though “People that come to see [them] regularly have come to expect uniquely rich vibes that come from the organic, freeform, bass-fueled style that [they’ve] worked tirelessly to create.” This creative duo is constantly working to create new tracks and propel their music into new and improved directions.

Their love for music is something they strive to make not only as a hobby, but also a full-blown career. That is what drives Kyral x Banko, along with their long term goal of being able to “hold hands with Skrillex and gallop through a field of daisies.” They are not only incredible artists, but are good friends with the GLC family as well. Everyone is expected to bring an intense energy and a phenomenal time to the table. “Good Looks Chicago is looking forward to having Kryal x Banko headline our event, April Showers on April 22nd! Don’t miss out!” Tickets are available here