Lance Herbstrong’s “Bullet The Blue Sky” Music Video is a Masterful Sensory Experience


Leave it to Lance Herbstrong to consistently churn out masterful presentations of genre-defining music. Lance Herbstrong (the multi-piece band fostered by Kamal Soliman, Peter DiStefano, and Bill Sarver) is recognized for their novel sonic approach with every project they touch.

The band’s latest work, titled “Bullet The Blue Sky,” is an epic audio-visual experience that fuses amped-up remixes of Rock anthems with footage displaying the cataclysmic nature of war and consumerism.
The track opens with raw elements of U2‘s “Bullet The Blue Sky,” which reaches a climactic head-banging breakdown before morphing into Led Zeppelin‘s “Whole Lotta Love” interlude. The energy reinvigorates with Rage Against The Machine‘s “Bullet in the Head,” intensified by an overlaid guitar breakdown by DiStefano.
The visual themes clearly derive inspiration from the outspoken and rebellious nature of the artists sampled. Experience the video below:

Lance Herbstrong’s live sets embody both an organized and chaotic clash of instrumentalism and electronica. They only play out a handful of times a year, typically at select Summer festivals; I had the pleasure of following the band’s several performances at Electric Forest Festival last June.
Keep a close eye on upcoming show & music announces here. If “Bullet The Blue Sky” is any indicator, Lance Herbstrong has set the stage for 2017 to be their most monumental year thus far.

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