Listen to Wax Future’s ‘Source Code’ Ahead of Their Brooklyn Set

Electro-funk band Wax Future has been flying under the radar for the last few years since coming out of the gates hot with their hit single “Cenote” in 2015. The Philadelphia based duo comprised of Guitarist Keith Wadsworth and Producer/Engineer Connor Hansell are making some of the most funky, soulful, and energetic music within their genre at the moment, and it’s about time they got their due. Wax Future released their latest album, Source Code in September, and the effort is chock-full of electronic blues inspired bass bangers, along with hip-hop driven gems.

The first track on the album, “Slow Fade,” is an in-your-face rock influenced anthem that hits hard from the onset. “Slow Fade” then drops into a hard glitch-hop drop reminiscent of Age of Reason era Gramatik. Track number two, “Thought Crime,” is one of the most downtempo songs on the album, complete with atmospheric production and a masterful guitar solo from Wadsworth. “Style Like This” is hands down the heaviest of the bunch, and exemplifies the level of energy Wax Future is capable of bringing. The title track “Source Code” joins “Thought Crime” in the downtempo category, giving the listener a glimpse of the ebbs and flows contained within this album. “City Wide” and “Peace Mission” turn it up one last time, before the album closes with “Wax Poetry,”  a 90s inspired hip-hop record.

Wax Future

Source Code deserves far more credit and attention than it has gotten thus far, and the people of New York are about to find out exactly why. The band has previously provided support for world touring acts like Big Gigantic, Pretty Lights, Tipper and Opiuo, and tomorrow will be playing directly prior to Marvel Years. The two acts are set to provide a few hours of hard-hitting electro-funk, along with opening acts Tygris and Rasp-5. Tickets are available here.