Lotus and Tycho at the Mann’s Skyline Stage


You cannot knock the feeling of getting to see an act live for the first time. Bundle in going to a famous venue with your favorite headlining band, and a beautiful night to make it really stand out. Lotus, a veteran band now based out of Philadelphia, took on the Mann Performing Arts center with Tycho, a legendary producer, for an amazing show at the Skyline Stage. Crisp autumn air on the hill at the Mann twisted with fancy smoke from the crowd provided a sensory experience. Tycho, (Scott Hanson) riding the wave of his new album, titled “Epoch”, opened the show with his live band.

Upon entering the venue, my group and I were greeted by brews for sale and delicious local fare; further venturing brought us to the stage where we were inundated with opening music. If you have not yet listened to Tycho, you are doing yourself a disservice. The music was enveloping, whether you were in the seats or on the grass, everyone’s body swayed with the beat. Beer in one hand, smoke in the other, I lost all sensory perception during “Awake,” one of my favorite songs.

The Skyline stage sits outside of the famous amphitheater at the Mann, the music floating out of the speakers at a perfect mix. Grateful to catch Tycho live for the first time, we rode the high into the first Lotus set. “Eat the light“, the newest Lotus album received criticism among their fan base for “personal reasons.” Luckily our interest lies in the music and nothing else, so the album was something I looked forward to hearing live.

Circling the stage we relocated to the front left, the projected visuals directly in sight, the band plays “Spiritualize”. The crowd looks like a wave, lights over head, smoke rising, everyone is in sync. Outdoor venues have a special feeling; the wind breezes around you while the music takes you higher. By the end of the first set we were all on the same level, moving towards the back and sitting on the grass. Lotus melted the stage on the second set, playing various songs off their new album and bringing out a special guest. The attitude was elated, and we left the show with a new appreciation for live music. With my Mann trademarked, Lotus baseball card in hand, heading back to fishtown, I felt lucky to be alive.