Malaa Releases Newest Track, “We Get Crunk”

“We Get Crunk”

Masked producer, Malaa released his newest track, “We Get Crunk” on Oct. 25. The track is the third single release from his forthcoming, ‘Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2’ album. Fans will remember his other single releases “Bling Bling” and “Cash Money,” which foreshadow heavy success for his upcoming album.

“We Get Crunk” differs from the other singles with a slower tempo and darker vibe. The sound is characteristic of the producer’s style with his own variation being intertwined with classic house elements throughout the track. “We get Crunk” is the final single release as Malaa’s ‘Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2’ is set to release any day now.

Listen to the track below: