MALAKAI’s Latest EP ‘Saros’ Triggers The Universal Nerves


Tastefully textured sonic waves which allow your five senses to travel through divergent layers of sound manipulation. That encapsulates the experience of listening to beatsmith MALAKAI, who released his delectable EP ‘Saros’ shortly after the total eclipse that took place last month through The Rust Music.

As you listen through each song, harmonization of downtempo, glitch, bass, percussion and instrumentation allow you to journey deeper through the story composed. Don’t let the word ‘downtempo’ fool you; this EP consists of dynamic musical components which peak the listener’s interest every second.

Saros is an astronomy term that can be used to predict eclipses of the Sun and Moon. Each song title in this EP relates back to the natural phenomenon Saros. From the name of this EP to the names of each track, you are able to sense a detailed thoughtfulness that MALAKAI has put into his creative endeavor.


On Saturday October 14th, MALAKAI will open for Kalya Scintilla and the inter-dimensional Whitebear which takes place at Knitting Factory Brooklyn. Don’t miss your spiritual journey presented by producers that transport you to different universes through sound. Buy tickets here for you and your loved ones before they vanish!



Download EP ‘Saros’ in High quality audio on Bandcamp. From the 7th of Sept, proceeds from the EP will 100% go to hurricane victims.