Foxtail Delivers Storytelling Through EP ‘Kitsune’

Hitting all ranges of anthropoid feelings and all five senses with a dreamy, emotive sonic palate, Foxtail released his sophisticated EP ‘kitsune‘ through label by audiophiles, The Rust Music on July 9th. Mixes of electronic and conventional instrumentation are flawlessly intermeshed together throughout each track to paint the listener’s mind with a full spectrum of ...

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[GLC Premiere] Nocturnal Status – Brainz

From the depths of the bass frequency spectrum comes Nocturnal Status‘s “Brainz.” This tune rocks your senses with heavy, glitchy vibrations that ebb and flow in ethereal rhythms. The wonky bass lines and arpeggiated vocals perfectly harmonize, showcasing Nocturnal Status’s extraordinary production skills. This is only a preview for what’s to come ...

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The Prince Rama Experience

On a muggy August night in Jersey City, Taraka and Nimai Larson, along with guitar and synth wizard Ryan Sciaino, brought the fun to an eager crowd. Throughout the show the band bantered playfully with the audience, invited an attendee dubbed “Elvis” on stage to perform a “drunken Elvis song” ...

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